Running your own business is a
grand spectacle.


It takes a team of highly skilled and unique professionals with a passion for creativity and a devotion to quality. Behind the scenes, things can feel like a chaotic mess… but at the front of the house? You need your three-ring circus to run smoothly so customers leave your big top with only the best memories and come back season after season.

Well.... circuses don't just magically pop up.

Before the big top is setup, a list of acts is created, a tour is mapped out, flyers are printed, tickets are sold, exotic animals are acquired, and acrobats, lion-tamers, jugglers, sword-swallowers, and more are hired. TONS of leg work and planning are put into play before a circus can come to town.

Fun fact: your business is no different.

Maybe you're about to launch a fantastic new product, service, book, course, app, or event. Or perhaps you're ready to restructure your entire business model and take it to a whole new level. Or maybe you're just ready to up the ante and start using all those great tools on the web to build your brand and engage your audience.

Whatever it may be.... there's a tingling in your bones and you're ready to let your unique freak flag fly!

But if...

  • previous launches have felt chaotic and you've found yourself scrambling last minute to fix things that have managed to slip through the cracks
  • all your to-do lists seem never-ending and you're practically begging for an intravenous caffeine drip
  • time is a precious commodity and you're feeling overwhelmed with running your business and growing it
  • you spend hours micromanaging your team without defined roles, systems, and processes in place to maximize efficiency
  • social media, email marketing, and SEO driven content all sound great but you don't really have the time or patience to create and implement them
  • you need digital tools and resources, but haven't quite figured out which ones best fit your needs and style

... launching anything can seem intimidating.

If any of that resonated with you, relax. Take a deep breath. You're in the right place.

I'm Nicole Pamani, digital strategist and operations consultant, and I'm here to help you run your business in the ever-changing online world. Whether you're looking for some semi-DIY guidance or my exclusive attention on your next big project, I'm here to make sure you get exactly what you need without ripping all your hair out.

So let's do this thing!