When there are a million moving pieces in your business, you might find yourself wishing for a clone or a mini-me (or is it a mini-you?).

Someone who can make on-the-spot decisions that meld seamlessly with your business, brand, and budget. Someone to implement strategies, anticipate needs, and even fill in any gaps you may have missed. Someone who will keep all the behind the scenes action running smoothly on autopilot. Someone to deliver a chuckle along the way and remind you to not take life so seriously. Someone... who gets you.

well, hello!
my name is nicole.

Consider me your resident ringleader to run the show, maintain the peace, and maximize the fun.

I mix equal parts skill, savvy, and sass to help solopreneurs, small businesses, and even big brands work smarter, launch better, sell harder, and run smoother.

I wear a lot of different professional hats, but some of my favorite ones include:

               - launch coordinator
               - business consultant
               - marketing manager
               - copywriter
               - team supervisor
               - systems optimizer

My experience in digital strategy and operations consulting spans a variety of industries and brands, both large and small. I've fine-tuned my tactical skills by directing in-house digital marketing efforts for boutique agencies, creating and launching e-courses, workshops, + conferences for entrepreneurs, developing list-growing strategies for small businesses, planning and running large scale events, digitizing and fine-tuning internal business systems + processes, and writing + editing content for the web.

Event planning, launch management, content strategy, public relations, email marketing, ghostwriting, community management, social media marketing, customer relations, graphic design, accounting, and research are just a few of the tasks I’ve managed to date. But there's not a whole lot I can't figure out given a little bit of a time and an Internet connection. 

Want to know more?

Check out my Blog for ramblings from my brain on all things related to digital entrepreneurship, being a lady, living in NYC, and navigating life as a hungry, young professional.