A Recipe for Success

Dr. Seuss Cake Batter *Quick Gloat* Lately life has been more than kind to me. I've been working hard and it's been paying off. With equal parts hard work and good luck, I am happy to announce a few super duper exciting things that have come to be recently.

First: I had a phenomenal, confidence-boosting, giggle-enducing Pitch Yo Sh*t session with the lovely folks over at Hungry Entrepreneurs. I pitched my sh*t and got some great advice/feedback that is helping me pave my way through the digital marketing world. Big love and thanks to everyone who was there (upside-down and right-side-up alike... no discrimination here)!!

Second: I have been selected as one of two lucky volunteers for the first ever Blogcademy in NYC. Words cannot express my excitement. I'm thrilled to meet some of my blog-o-spheric idols (Gala Darling, Nubby Twiglet, and Kat Williams) as well as get hands on tips for success in the realm of blogging. I can't wait to meet the headmistresses and all the other participants!!

Third: The Media OSA landing page has officially been launched and Laura and I are getting the rest of the site up hopefully by the end of the month! We've been contacted by a few clients already and it's been exciting to propel ourselves forward with this freelance business. Dreams! They do comez true! Drop us a line for all your design & marketing needs!

Ok. So that wasn't really a "quick" gloat. It was rather extensive. But it brings me to my point of the day: my recipe for success....

Nikbear's Recipe for Success - Take all the hard work you can muster up and mix it with your amazing skill set. - Separate out the tasks at hand with your super-essential mild OCD tool. - Add 4 whole fistfuls of confidence and awareness of your awesome-saucity. - Mix well until smooth with no lumps. - Pour the mixture into a plan of a pan. Set a timer in terms of a schedule. - Bake in the oven of patience. - Check on your success periodically with friends, family, loved ones, peers, colleagues, mentors, and random people on the street. You'll need all the support, advice, and help you can get. - Remove when cooked fully through and enjoy thoroughly (but humbly) - and remember that nothing lasts forever. - Repeat as necessary.

There's nothing you can't do if you set your mind to it. Life is a learning process - it's not something that comes with a manual. Success isn't always measured by how much money you have or how many things you have - it's about setting goals and reaching them. Success is about finding your happiness and realizing that you can do ANYTHING you set your mind to.

Always evolving, xx Nikbear