Aaaaannnnddd I'm back

So after a semester break from blogging (for which I apologize but my entire life last semester was schoolschoolschool) I am back and better than ever. As per my tradition, I spent winter break having crazy adventures all over the world. So that will be the focus of my blog post today.  For the holidays my family and I made the trek out to INDIA!! However, this trip was unlike any of my previous trips to the motherland because I put my foot down and told my parents that I must see more of the country that I supposedly come from. You see, I've been going to India every one or two years since I was about 3 years old. That's a good 18 years. In those 18 years I have stayed primarily in Mumbai and New Delhi and even my visits to these two major cities have been clouded and smothered with visiting family and friends. Don't get me wrong, I love my family and friends, but India is a country with so much to see and experience beyond the big cities. Granted, my parents did take me and my little brother to see the Taj Mahal when we were younger, but still. I have always craved the real India and have had this burning desire to travel more and see more and see the rich culture and tradition that exists in my homeland. So this trip, I told my parents "I'm going...whether you fund it or not, whether you come or not, I. AM. GOING." At the end of the day my parents were uncomfortable with me galavanting off on my own so my mom planned a tour of Rajasthan and came with me, and we had the best time. Ever.

Timeline of my trip

So instead of typing up a bunch of information about the three cities in Rajasthan I visited, I figured I'd just include some links here that I found because, well frankly, these people do a much better job of describing the places than I ever could. And I'm quite lazy. My version of my trips is to come in a later post. But right now I'm just anxious to share pictures with you all.

For more information on Udaipur, click here. For more information on Jodhpur, click here. For more information on Jaipur, click here.


Marble carvings at a palace
Traditional turban of Udaipur
Beautiful mirrored ceiling
Stone carvings on a temple
Fountains powered by gravity
Making bangles in Jodhpur
Secret passage under Amber Fort
Traditional Rajasthani dancers
Snake charmers

I mean, I have plenty more photos and stories, but I think that's all for now. More coming soon.

xx Nikki