All the single ladies

Me standing on a beach in space!Photo courtesy of @hcweiss.

Hello friends! Summer is coming! Summer is coming! Wheeee! If I were still in school, I would be wrapping up finals right about now, or prepping for graduation, or packing up my life and moving out of my dorm/house/apartment. BUT I'M NOT IN SCHOOL ANYMORE! HOORAY!

On that note, just want to throw a quick shout out to the UM Class of 2012, graduating TODAY! I also want to throw out a big shout out to all my NYC friends that just finished finals! CONGRATULATIONS EVERYBODY! YOU DID IT! NOW LET'S RAGE!

So today I want to talk about something that I've never talked about before on my blog - dating. I've never really touched on this topic because I don't want my blog to become a Carrie Bradshaw type rant about men and a 'WOE IS ME, WHY AM I STILL SINGLE?' kind of thing. Because that's just not who I am. However, my recent ventures into the dating world have propelled me into taking a look back into some of the more ridiculous men I have dated in the last 4 or 5 years. So, friends, I present to you the following TRUE STORIES from my dating life....

I really like him, but....

  • he's really intimidated by me.
  • he's too poor to even buy me a coffee.
  • he's on a shit ton of medications.
  • he reminds me of a family member.
  • he got back together with his ex girlfriend and 'forgot' to tell me.
  • he has way too many special feelings.
  • he spends more time getting ready to go out than I do.
  • he ACTUALLY named his junk.
  • he took me on a date to see a play starring the OTHER girl he was simultaneously dating.
  • he's struggling with his own sexuality.
  • he's on parole.
  • he has a psycho ex girlfriend that wants to kill me.
  • he told me he loved me on our first date.
  • he PROPOSED to me on our SECOND date.

Yeah. All true stories. Clearly, I have found some fantastical men in my day. I'd like to think that I'm not a super picky girl. I'd like to think that I have reasonable expectations. But when I find guys like this, it makes me wonder if dating is really worth it.

Answer? It is. It totally is. Because once the initial shock fades away, I'm left with awesome stories to share with friends and giggle over endlessly. I also have no intentions of offending any of these guys - I still talk to most of them and some are even dear friends.

In other news, I'm officially 100% prepared to pull a How I Met Your Father on my own future kids. CBS GET READY BECAUSE I'M COMING FOR YOU WITH A BRAND NEW SERIES!

So, there is no real moral in today's story. Just felt like sharing some random and stupid hilariousness with you. Here's to a summer of fun in the sun!

xx Nikbear