An interesting weekend

I had an interesting week/weekend to say the very least. Second week of classes meant doing real work and getting back on the grind of classes, homework and a little less playtime. Classes have been going really well so far this semester! I'm taking 4 classes that are spread out nicely over the week. I don't have any classes on Mondays or Fridays and I never have class before 2pm. Ah the beauty of being a second semester senior ;) The classes I'm taking this semester are super interesting and really fun. I'm having a good time learning about some new stuff and realizing that the new path of the media industry isn't all that bad. Here are my classes for this semester:
  • Multimedia Design - a class dedicated to learning more about programs like Photoshop and Flash
  • Evolution of Jazz - a seriously badass class about the origins and history of jazz music
  • Ethics in Journalism - a stimulating class based on ethics, morals and all things opinion-based
  • Social media - learning more about using social media as it pertains to both the marketing world and the mass communications world

However, it's not been all fun and games when I'm out of class. Those who know me, know that I can't just have a bunch of free time to sit around and do nothing....duh. So I am proud to announce that I am officially interning with MTV Latin America this semester! I had my interview on Friday and I start working on Wednesday, hooray! I'm very, very excited to be working with MTV again. Last summer being in NYC and working with MTV Networks in the international department was one of the best experiences of my life. (Quick big shout out to my bear for helping me get to my interview Friday morning...stupid car broke down Thursday night... but I will save that story/rant for a different post.)

On a completely random note, here is a really cool website that my friend Hillary sent me about a month ago: CLICK ME!
It's a photo story project done by TIME using a bunch of photographs taken at an FSU chemistry lab. Although I am a die hard UM fan and I'm supposed to hate all things FSU, these photos of crystallized alcoholic drinks are just absolutely beautiful and I'm going to Kinko's as soon as I get my car fixed to print out copies and put them up in my apartment. Enjoy!!

xx Bear