Avoiding Extremes

I recently met a man who I believe to be a man prone to extreme living. He told me a story about how when he initially moved to New York City he spent an entire year eating pretty much ONLY Shake Shack burgers. After a year, he was thoroughly (and rightfully so) sick of burgers. So he switched to the opposite end of the spectrum and became a full blown vegetarian.

I couldn't decide if I was amused, disgusted, confused, concerned or just relieved that I'm not THAT extreme...

The importance of finding a healthy balance (not only in your diet, but in all facets of your life) is something that cannot be stressed enough. You can't just work hard, you have to play hard. You can't just teach the world, you have to be willing to learn from it too.

Living between extremes is only hindering your life. There are so many things to experience in this world - why would we want to limit ourselves to black and white? (I refuse to make a 50 Shades of Gray reference joke, so if you're waiting for it, you'll be waiting a long time...)

I like to experiment with brief stints in dietary restrictions/detoxes/fitness challenges. Sometimes it's just to give it an honest to goodness try. If nothing else, I'm a FIRM believer in the "try everything once" mentality. But most of the time I pick up these little challenges just to prove to myself that I can in fact do them. Yeah sure, maybe I cheat a little (*cough cough* I'm totally not backdating my blog posts *cough*) but I don't care. The idea is to push myself to do something I wouldn't ordinarily do. It doesn't matter how well I do it, as long as I tucker through and reach the finish line. The point is that I have a whirl at something outside my comfort zone and prove to myself (not anybody else) that I am capable of doing ANYTHING I set my mind to.

I often walk away from these trial runs and challenges having a greater appreciation for the rituals/acts/workouts/diets/whatever. More importantly, I gain immense respect for the people who have adopted them full time and ENJOY them.

Sometimes, I'll even take bits and pieces from these trial runs and tweak them to create a new habit that fits into my lifestyle. Life is all about taking things from various sources and putting your spin on them. Incorporate things on your own terms. Find the happy medium that works for you.

Searching for my center,
xx Nikbear