Awesome Sauce

Hello loyal readers! I am sorry that my blog has been post-less for a couple of weeks. I've been hard at work in the home stretch of college - only one week of classes left eek! I'm happy to report that I have figured out my next move. Kinda. Sorta. This little bear is moving back to the Big Apple!! Hooray! Huzzah! All things wonderful! I'm only slightly scared about this next big step in my life, but I think (/hope) I'm mostly excited. As many of you know - the closer we get to the end of the semester, the more insane we go due to high stress levels and a serious lack of sleep. It's important to smile and remember that everything's going to be ok!! In honor of giggles and chuckles, I am including in this post some of my most favorite music videos of all time. Please enjoy!

  1. Rad Anthem by Rad Omen: I WANT TO DO THIS SO BAD OH MY GOD I NEED TO FIND A COSTUME IDEA THAT IS EQUALLY AS AWESOME AS THIS AND GO OUT AND RAGE MY FACE OFF (without the drugs of course). This video makes me laugh uncontrollably EVERY TIME. [Some content might be inappropriate for some viewers.] --> Rad Anthem by Rad Omen
  2. I Feel Better by Hot Chip: This video is so awesome that I feel a new genre of awesome sauce needs to be created for it. We have a boy band, a cancer jesus, a floating head, b*tches going crazy, and lazers. Seriously? Why can't every music video be this awesome. --> I Feel Better by Hot Chip
  3. O.N.E. by Yeasayer: Love this song, love the video even more. The song always makes me want to put on a onesie or a unitard and just dance around all day long so it's pretty cool that the video does exactly that. Oh Yeasayer, hold me like this forever. --> O.N.E. by Yeasayer
  4. Whip My Hair by Willow Smith: I had no idea that a 9/10 year old girl could be this much of a BAMF. Willow Smith, I bow down to you and your awesome hair. Please teach me your awesome ways. Also, this video makes me want to grow out my hair even more and get a white room and some paint cans and just go bananas (B-A-N-A-N-A-S). A word of caution though: please be careful when whipping your hair back and forth... me and my best bear whipped our hair back and forth quite vigorously and we both had sore necks for about 4 days. --> Whip My Hair by Willow Smith

Hope you all enjoyed those videos. Looking for some other tips for dealing with stress and keeping your awesome sauce extra taste-y? Give some of these other Nikbear approved de-stressing activities a try:

  • Baking: I have turned to creating massive amounts of sweets and treats for friends and loved ones affectionately known as Bear's Baking Benefactors
  • Bubble baths: Turn on some Michael Buble/John Mayer, draw a bath, light some candles and incense and pour yourself a glass of Chardonnay. Bliss!
  • Reorganization: Ever year around finals time I take everything in my space and throw it on the ground to reorganize EVERYTHING. If I can't find zen in my academic life, you best be sure my personal space is going to be feng-shui-ed to the max.
  • Driving: Granted, gas prices are REDONK right now, but sometimes a nice long drive with a good playlist is all it takes to calm me down once more.
  • Crafting: I find myself turning to arts and crafts a lot when I'm stressed out. My favorite crafting activities are scrap-booking, knitting and painting. Pick up a new hobby and find some peace of mind in something mindless.

Alrighty lovelies, it's time for me to hit the books once more.

xxx Nikbear