Back in the Big Apple

Hello lovelies! Sorry that it has taken me forever to update - I have been busy as a bee moving into my new apartment, saying goodbye to old friends and raging hard with new friends. It has been a whirlwind of *pause to check the date of my last post* TWO WEEKS? Hot diggity damn - has it really only been two weeks? (Yes, Nikki, it has only been two weeks. Get over it.) Ok. Well. Let me tell you a little bit about my kick ass new apartment. Ok, technically it's not kickass yet, BUT IT WILL BE. Nesting is taking me a little longer than expected because my stuff has been scattered over many places and new furniture must be purchased and squeezed through my tiny apartment door. Seriously - who makes an apartment with a two foot wide entrance? DEAR BUILDING CONSTRUCTORS, APARTMENTS NEED FURNITURE. PLEASE MAKE THE DOORWAYS MORE CONDUCIVE TO MOVING FURNITURE IN.

Aside from the small doorway issue, I couldn't be happier with my little studio apartment. It's the perfect size and the perfect location. As soon as I'm done nesting, I'll post some pictures and have a nice little house warming dinner party. Hooray for dinner parties!

On the flip side, I have been spending a lot of time doing touristy things and checking out some awesome music in the city. My boy Nat had a bunch of visiting friends last week (people who I also happen to be decently close with) and so we spent a lot of time galavanting around the city. We went to the Guggenheim, Ellis Island, a Yankee game, and did a walking tour of downtown Manhattan. Check out some of the photos:

Aside from that, I've been catching a good deal of decent music in the city. About a week ago I saw Flux Pavillion and Doctor P at Best Buy Theater. Amazing show! I took so many videos that I must upload to my YouTube channel ASAP. This weekend has also been an amazing weekend for music. Friday night was Pendulum at Webster Hall (which I unfortunately missed but I heard it was epic) and yesterday was BASS ISLAND which rocked my FACE off. Many videos from yesterday were taken - they shall also appear on my YouTube video soon. I will post the links here when they are uploaded.

Its been two weeks of debauchery and shenanigans and I have loved every second of it. Here's to all the memories that have yet to be made!

Last note: I'm trying really hard to make this a place of discussion where I can interact with my readers (if there are any of you out there), so I'm going to start adding some questions/topics at the bottom of my posts. Please please please feel free to leave some comments! I'd love your feedback and I'm always dying to know what you all are up to.

I know that I'm not always the best at keeping in touch with my far away friends, but here's my pathetic attempt at reaching out.


- What new and exciting things are coming up in the next couple weeks of your lovely lives? - What are some of the awesome shows/concerts you have checked out recently? - When was the last time you took a touristy tour of your city? - Special NY Addition: What are some places in NYC you recommend checking out? Bars? Museums? Parks? Shops? Venues? Restaurants? Random things you've stumbled upon in the big apple?

Alright friends, that's all for tonight. I'm still nursing myself back to health (little bear has a little cold) and trying to unwind before retackling my unpacking and cleaning. Leave some love here or check me out on twitter @npamani!

x's and o's Bear