Be vulnerable

 To feel is to be reminded that we are human. If we don't allow ourselves to experience a range of emotions, we might as well be robots.

I try to feel the bad along with the good as often as I can. In addition to reminding me of my capacity for human emotion, being sensitive to the lows makes the highs feel that much higher.

Ever since I was a wee bear cub I've been visiting my homeland, India. Although I am extremely grateful for the cultural awakenings I have had, some of the things I have seen and witnessed have not always been easy to swallow. I decided to finally try and put some of those difficult things into words in a guest post over at Kind Over Matter.

Vulnerability is never a bad thing. Baring your soul to friends, family, loved ones, and sometimes even strangers can be a great thing. You'll often find that you're never alone in your fears, and at the very least someone will almost always reach out to hold you close and tell you everything's going to be OK.

Revealing all my secrets,
xx Nikbear