Hello friends! Hope that everyone is enjoying OCTOBER! I know I am. I just got back to the big apple from a 4 day mini vacation to Boston to visit friends and loved ones. Last Wednesday twas the birthday of my college roommate Leigh Rose AND my brother's girlfriend's 21st - both of whom were celebrating in Beantown this weekend. So I packed up my mom's car (on loan to me for the weekend) and made the trek up. The solo road trip and time away from city life did me a lot of good, and it was great to spend some time with my lovelies.

I spent the first part of the weekend with my brother and his roommates reliving the good old college days. Part of me misses the days of classes and house parties and general debauchery, but then I remember that life as a post grad is way better. No more homework! Whee! Anyways - much love to my brother and his crew for such a fantastic time, and congratulations on reaching legality Isabella!!

On Monday I had the joy of seeing my Leigh's family's home in Boston! She lives in the cutest little house in the sweetest little neighborhood. I went a widdle shutter crazy walking the wilderness around her house. Here are some of the photos.

We had a delicious dinner with her mom and dad then scuttled off with some of Leigh's high school friends to see a FANTASTIC James Blake show. Such a good time with the girls! If you haven't heard of James Blake, check out some of his stuff here.

It was the perfect weekend getaway. Just the right amount of time away to come back refreshed and rejuvenated.

Stoked to be back in the city now and get back on my grind.

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Recovering from beantown shenanigans, xx Nikbear