Bear's Summer Picks

Happy August friends! I hope that you all have had a spectacular summer so far, I know I have. For the first time in 4 years I decided to spend an extended amount of time at my parents' house in suburban New Jersey. I'm not one to ever advocate life in suburbia, but I have to say that this summer was the perfect break I needed to rejuvenate my mind, body and soul. I know that technically the season isn't over yet but as I sit here waiting for my new building supervisor to call me so that I can pick up the keys to my new apartment and take my next steps into the real world, I feel as though MY summer is coming to a close. Don't get my wrong - I'm stoked to be moving forward, but I need to take a quick look back over the last few months before I can stumble ahead.

In honor my summer 2011, I thought I'd share some thoughts and pictures of what I've been up to.

This summer has been all about good food, good drinks, good music and good company. I miss the crap out of my Miami crew, but the group I've assembled around myself up here isn't too shabby. ;)

I'm lucky to have my all time best friend, Nat, sitting next to me right now - we haven't spent this much time together since high school and I really missed the kid. He's moving to LA in two weeks and I'm super stoked for him, but part of me still wants to tie him to a tree and keep him around forever.

My girl Kutner has been home for most of the summer too, and lord knows that we never see enough of each other. But when we do get together, it's always a riot. She's been busy studying for the LSAT and taking breaks to come play with me. Hooray for pizzly play dates!

Aside from my high school buds, there are quite a few displaced Miami kids up here in the NYC area. I can't wait to be in the city and closer to them so we can play all the time!


The EPIC punch I made for my BBQ
Drinks with friends yummmmm
Camping at Electric Forest - DANK UNIT!
At the Manchester United vs. MLS All Stars game in Jersey
Enjoying my parents' backyard and pool

I've done it all this summer - had a bbq, went camping, had friends over for swimming and chilling, gone out for many a margarita night, eaten my way through delicious menus, had some fun in the sun, and made a little bit of money here and there doing side projects.

I'm honestly happy to say though: THANK GOD SUMMER IS OVER. I'm ready for the fire to be back under my ass. I'm ready to do something productive with my time again. TIME TO GET BACK ON MY GRIND.

Hope you enjoyed the photos and quick update! Feel free to comment below and leave me some of your favorite summer activities/shenanigans!

xxx Nikbear