Brooklyn Bound

  WOAH, YOU GUYS. BROOKLYN'S FREAKING COOL. As a Manhattan girl through and through, I never knew that I could fall in love so hard and so fast with another borough. Granted, I've only explored the tip of the Brooklyn iceberg, but I'm definitely going back for seconds. And thirds. And maybe moving there. Shhhhhhh....

To be more specific, I fell in love with Park Slope. Walking down St. Johns Place. Passing brownstones upon brownstones upon brownstones.

Brownstones in Brooklyn

Maybe it was the fact that it was a slightly overcast, but otherwise perfect late autumn day. Maybe it was the excitement of going thrifting for the first time in nearly 18 months. Maybe it was just the novelty of being on a cute, quiet borough street just outside the never ending hustle and bustle of Manhattan. Whatever it was, I spent a good deal of time trying to figure out how many kidneys I could possibly sell to help afford an apartment in one of these adorable brownstones.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's back up about 12 hours. My BK adventures started with the exploration of the Brooklyn Night Bazaar - aka a massive warehouse converted into a marketplace/food festival/concert venue for the holidays.

Brooklyn Night Bazaar

It was pretty fantastic. I'll definitely be heading back to buy some holiday presents for super special friends.... or you know, for myself. (Probably for myself.) Either way - I highly recommend going to check it out! The space is super cool, the vendors are all local and crafty, and entry is free. We like free.

After the night bazaar, my best bear Hillary, her awesome roommate Sabina and I trekked over to K&M Bar to celebrate my friend Jessica's birthday (happy birthday laddddyyyyy!) and we were thrilled to find cheap drinks and the world's best rando-DJ. $3 shots + $6 mixed drinks + old school tunes = guaranteed good time. FACT.

When we had our fill of being shoved around on a dance floor in a bar that was most definitely over capacity, we threw back one last shot and headed onwards into the night. Sabina recommended that we check out a great little spot called Surf Bar. I'm so glad we did. The floor of the entire bar is covered in sand (trust 3 UMiami grads to end up in a sand filled bar) and the Zombie drink totally took me back to the days of college.

Photo by Hillary Weiss

(That's a picture of Sabina taking a picture of our insanely delicious, but stupidly strong Zombie drinks. Photo courtesy of Hillary.) So we nommed down some food and then headed home for late night giggles and sleeps.

We woke up the next morning, ready for a day of THRIFTING. Pause. I have to explain something to you. I LOVE THRIFTING. And I especially love thrifting with Hillary. We're really good at it and at least 50% of our respective wardrobes come from scouring thrifting stores. We love thrifting so much, that we not only related to this song/video about it, but we adopted it as our theme song:


Yeah. That's how much we love thrifting. We set out to Park Slope to begin our day of sifting and hit up four great stores: HabitOdd TwinGuvnor's, and Housing Works. In a perfect world, I'd have a million dollars and buy all the things at all of these stores. Especially at Habit. But alas, I don't live in a perfect world (yet) and I had to watch my wallet and save my pennies for the last (and best) stop on our thrift-tour.

We stopped briefly to get some nourishment in the form of sushi before catching a bus to our pièce de résistance...Buffalo Exchange Cobble Hill! If you've never been to a Buffalo Exchange, SHAME ON YOU. It's the place where dreams come true. You can take in well-maintained, hip clothes that you're bored with, and sell them/trade them for store credit. And then search for and buynew statement pieces. It's Godsent.

I got myself two comfy, oversized men's sweaters AND a lacy-type blouse AND a new overnight bag that I'm 100% obsessed with:

Men's Sweaters

Overnight Bag

All in all, it was a fantastic weekend of frolicking around the boroughs. I can't wait to further my BK-education! Let me know if you have any recommendations for fun bars/restaurants/stores/neighborhoods/things to do in the comments below!

Starry-eyed and swooning over brownstones, xx Nikbear