My hell month is OFFICIALLY OVER as of today! Time to sit back, sip on a whiskey ginger, and enjoy HalloWIN weekend. And also to celebrate my lovely Jamie's day of birth! It's gonna be a redonkulous weekend of shenanigans. I'm so ready for it.

I like to celebrate all kinds of things in life. Have a particularly righteous day? Celebrate! Power through a super rough work out? Celebrate! Resisted the urge to dropkick your boss across the room all day? Celebrate! Made it through an entire order of baby back ribs without staining your shirt? Celebrate!

When life hands me a shitty situation, I can be stuck dwelling on it for days. Whining, complaining, mopping around, cursing at nobody in particular, and just being a general grumpy pants. It's not OK. I'm not saying that I'm going to be able to stop doing this overnight, but what I can start doing is celebrating the little victories more often.

If I can spend literal HOURS being upset over one bad thing, why can't I take five minutes to celebrate ten awesome things?

And let's be honest, after everything I've done this month... there's a lot to celebrate!

Wrapped up in a million smiles,
xx Nikbear