Confessions of a Smartphone Addict

  I am a smartphone addict. And I'm OK with that. My life is pretty busy, and I find myself on the go nearly all the time. I am eternally grateful for a handful of apps on my iPhone that make my life a thousand times more manageable.


Always on the Go


Today I'm bringing you the six iPhone apps that have literally changed my life and the way I work. Let's get started, shall we?

  1. Gmail. Don't get me wrong, I love the mail client that the iPhone comes pre-programmed with. It's great for managing my eight different email accounts, but I am of the opinion that the Gmail app is much more user friendly and sleek looking. I also love how 99% of the time I get a notification from my Gmail app before my mail client on my phone or even my computer.
  2. Evernote. I bow down at the altar of the Evernote gods. Seriously. I do. I don't know how I ever got anything done before Evernote. As a fulltime blogger, you never know when inspiration is going to strike. Writing ain't easy, so when you get hit with a stroke of genius you have to write it down. And the more detailed your notes, the better your piece will be. FACT. Somehow, my best blogging ideas come to me when I'm riding the subway or just about to fall asleep. I tried to keep a notebook on me at all times with scribbled down gibberish but I would often forget it. Crumpled up receipts with epiphany-type notes were accidentally thrown away all too often. I would use the notes app on my iPhone, but I would often forget about them or lose the file or simply not have the patience/time to retype everything into a blog post. Enter Evernote! Always with you, synced between your mobile device and your MacBook, and so sleek and organized it makes me want to weep giant tears of joy. Now when I'm sitting on a bus stuck in traffic, I can write out an entire blog post in Evernote and have it ready for copy-paste-post when I get home! Freaking genius.
  3. Asana. I have to give big love and thanks to Nathalie Lussier for introducing me to this wonder tool. Dear Natalie, Can we please meet up for a coffee someday and talk about how awesomely efficient our lives are now? Thanks. Asana is a tool that beautifully and effortlessly manages all your different to-do lists. When you're running two businesses, a blog, a household, and a social life you'll quickly realize that you've got more to-do lists than you ever thought possible. They are never ending and all too easy to confuse. Asana helps you create, categorize and separate your to-do lists. And, once again, it syncs up between the Web and your iPhone. Nathalie has a great video explaining the tool in more detail, and a follow up video teaching you how to sync up any number of apps. Personally, I've got my Evernote hooked to my Asana hooked to my Google Calendar. What does that mean? It means when I draft up a new blog post, I create a task in my Asana to-do list, and the deadline is input into my Google Calendar. All in one fell swoop. I've also got my to-do list deadlines automatically tucked into my Google Calendar (more affectionately called my oracle). As an organization-nut, this is a freaking dream come true.
  4. Google Drive. Speaking of Google, let's talk about the essential Google Drive. Working with various business partners and clients means a lot of back-and-forthing. In the good old days we used to have to make a Word document, attach it to an email, wait for it to upload, send it, wait for the other person to receive it, then they would download it, review it, make edits, send it back with comments in the body of the email. That is just way too many steps. And it's also way too many emails to be dealing with. I am a die hard fan of Google Drive. GoogleDocs have not only made the collaboration process easier, but it's saved my inbox from digital overload on more than one occasion. With the new Google Drive app you can view and make edits to your documents on the go. I absolutely love, love, love, love it.
  5. Flipboard. A big part of my job is reading and keeping up to date on all the new apps, gizmos, and general industry news. Flipboard is a great tool that takes all of the posts from all the blogs you've added to your Google Reader and presents them in a fun and easy to view way. It's almost as if I'm literally flipping through a carefully curated magazine, just for me. You can sync it up with your Facebook and Twitter and have all your social news in one place too! It's a really sexy looking app and super fun to use.
  6. WhatsAppThis last one is for all you peoples with international connections. If you haven't hopped on the WhatsApp train yet, you're missing out. I use this app constantly to keep in touch with oversees family, friends, and colleagues. You can use the app on any number of devices (iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone, and Nokia) and message between all/any of them FOR FREE. You can send individual messages, group messages, photos, videos, whatever you want. It's really fantastic. I use this app constantly and I love it.

And that's it. For now. There are a whole bunch of other apps I use for photo editing, social networking, working out, and LOLing. But I'll have to save those for a different post.

Do you have an app that you particularly love for working on the go? Drop it in the comments below! I'd love to hear what works best for you.

Reveling in maximum efficiency, xx Nikbear

UPDATE: I just signed up for BlogLovin to help organize all the blogs I read written by friends and lovers. I'll be back with my official review soon! Follow my blog with Bloglovin