Daily Gratitude

Everyone has bad days. Everyone has days where they just want to take their lunchroom tray and hack at someone's neck with the thin bit till the blood flows. (If you know where that reference is from, I send you lots of cyberwinks and digilove.)

On particularly rough days (and it seems that lately I've been having them more and more frequently) I like to take a minute to remember that: a) My life is really not THAT bad. b) Someone probably definitely has it worse than me. c) There are more things in life to be happy about than sad/angry.

Then I sit down and make a Daily Gratitude list, which is really just a list of things that make me happy.

My daily gratitude list includes everything from the really big things (loving family/friends, food, water, shelter, health, etc.) to frivolous things that literally just make me smile calmly. These are things like hot cocoas with marshmallows, sparkly nailpolish, LOLcats, Irish whiskey, $2 earrings, old birthday cards, body butter, scented candles, caramel machiatto coffee creamer, hilarious music videos, and more.

Just because you don't need them to survive, doesn't mean that these things aren't important in easing our day-to-day troubles. And anything that makes my day easier and puts a smile on my weary face is something deserves a quick thanks from me.

Making a list of things you are grateful for is a great to calm yourself down, take a step back, and remember that things aren't that bad. Then, when you reapproach your shitty situation, you may see it in a different light and be able to better tackle it.

In the past couple of weeks I've made more gratitude lists than ever before and it's been a great way to let go of the things that are bothering me and take a minute to appreciate all the little wonderful things I have been blessed with.

So very, very grateful for life, love, and laughter,
xx Nikbear