Day5: "Travel"

The Prompt: The Response:

Oh boise. Where to even begin on this one. Let me preface this post by reiterating my undying love for travel. I am very blessed to have seen a great deal of this world already, but also cursed in that my travel history only fuels my thirst to see the rest of the world.

If I had to pick one place to visit before I die, it would have to be the Arctic to see the Northern Lights phenomena. Ironically enough, one of the best places to witness the Northern Lights is a place called Bear Lake (destiny?).

I've always been a huge fan of the sky - I could stare at the sky and watch the clouds go by for hours and not be bored. Some of my greatest conversations in life have been with the skies above. Whenever I feel myself getting down, I always try to find a grassy patch somewhere quiet. I take my tapestry and my iPod and have a nice conversation with the skies above, and mostly myself.

This prompt also asks me what I will do to make sure I get there. Well. I've had a piggy bank in which I've been collecting spare change and dollar bills for almost a year now. I just looked up flights to Fairbanks, Alaska and they are just shy of $1000. So here's my promise to myself: as soon as I get set up with some sort of income (whether it be from freelance work, a full time corporate job, or even bartending) I am setting aside $2,000 for a trip to Fairbanks, Alaska. The best time to see the Northern Lights is September/October so this gives me a fair amount of time to get on my A game.

If I could get there this year, I'd be pretty damn happy with myself. And if not, well... it's just something new to work towards....

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