Mercury is in retrograde. Can you tell? I've been feeling a bit disoriented and very frustrated lately.

Now, I'm no astrology aficionado but I do check my horoscope from time to time. Why? Because it's fun. And when I feel like my life is spinning out of my control, it can act as a sort of explanation from the universe. I promise I'm not trying to blame things on the universe, but this time around Mercury Retrograde proved itself to be a pretty convenient scapegoat.

Mercury Retrograde is a phenomenon that occurs a couple times every year. During these weeks it appears as if the planet is moving backwards. It doesn't really go backwards, it's just an optical illusion. Anyways, the planet is said to rule our communication skills. When it happens to be in retrograde we tend to have a more difficult time communicating with one other when it comes to business, personal relationships, and decision making. But it's not all that bad! Mercury Retrograde is an excellent time for reflection, reorganization, reconnection, and reparation.

I spent a lot of time last week looking at my life, my career, and my relationships in a big way and finally brought closure to a lot of my unfinished business. It was uncomfortable and upsetting, but I had definitely left it pending for far too long.

I was relieved to discover that all my lady friends had been feeling the same way all week! At least I'm not going insane, right? Well, after a chaotic week of mild inner turmoil we all decided that we needed to blow off some steam. So we decided to go for some good old fashioned Disco Bowling.

If Mercury was going to go into retrograde, we were going to follow suite and take things retro too.

Disco Bowling

Our venue of choice were the lanes at Chelsea Piers, 300. And we had a freaking blast. There is nothing quite as therapeutic for me as being able to throw around 10-pound-balls at high speeds after a tough week. Add some neon lights, a full bar, and some dance-worthy tunes and I am SOLD.

It's the oldest saying in the book: When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. But as I grow older I'm finding it harder and harder to continuously find the sugar in my life. So I think I'm going to take the Chelsea Handler approach to things from now on: When life gives you lemon, add vodka and good friends. And why not some disco bowling too?

Have you guys been feeling out of sorts lately? What are some of your coping mechanisms? Drop it all in the comments below!

And don't worry, Mercury gets back on track as of March 17th! The end is nigh!

Wearing badass bowling shoes, xx Nikbear