Eat Fresh

Have you been feeling tired and slow lately? It might have something to do with your diet. It's been said time and time again, but it's worth reiterating: you are what you eat. I've noticed that by ordering in/eating out less and cooking more I've got increased energy, my skin looks so much better, my wallet isn't perpetually empty, and I hate myself so much less.

I'm not saying to go cook yourself a five-star, eighteen-course meal every time.... ain't nobody got time for that. What I'm talking about is semi-homemade meals that are quick, easy, cheap and healthy (ish). I've got about fifteen of these week night quick-fix meals up my sleeve, ranging from chicken and veggie stir fry to tortellini with bacon and alfredo sauce to homemade burgers and sweet potato fries. All of these meals take less than 30 minutes from start to finish and are just such a better option than ordering in Chinese food or grabbing a slice of greasy pizza again.

On top of that, I eat a light breakfast every morning of yogurt, granola and fresh strawberries. With a delicious coffee, of course. I often keep pre cut veggies in tupperware in my fridge to snack on with hummus. I am a clementine addict. I treat myself to mini pieces of dark chocolate whenever I damn feel like it because it's good for your heart (or maybe its your skin?) and great for the tastebuds. I make popcorn on my stovetop in a pan because its yummier than that microwave crap and also because I'm a badass (and also because I didn't have a microwave for the longest time). I watch the Food Network like it's my job. Quick shout out to Chopped, the greatest show in the history of the universe.

Food's a necessity in life and cooking doesn't have to be complicated or scary or a pain in the ass. Everyone should know how to make a few simple meals. It's a great way to unwind after a long day and give your body delicious, homemade sustenance. Not to mention, if you cook like I do (with a shit ton of garlic), your apartment smells incredible and all your neighbors will be super jealous and want to be your new best friend.

Your tummy and your tongue thank you in advance.

xx Nikbear