Find Loopholes

So in case you guys haven't noticed.... I didn't finish my 31 day challenge in October. At first I got really upset with myself. Then I got really angry. Then I found a loophole.

OK, so I didn't do 31 posts in 31 days... but guess what. That's really difficult. Especially in a month where I've been swamped with work and networking and social engagements. BUT that doesn't mean that I can't still finish 31 posts on my 31 day journey.

The simple act of writing 31 posts on a given topic is an accomplishment enough for me. Who cares if it took me 40 days instead of 31 days to finish this writing challenge? I don't. And if that's the loophole I need to find my happiness then I'm OK with that.

The definition of a loophole is "an ambiguity or inadequacy in the law or a set of rules."

I make my own rules, and I define my own level of success when it comes to meeting my goals. I suggest ya'll do the same.

So close to the end of this challenge,
xx Nikbear