Finding Inspiration

 When was the last time you went to a museum? Yesterday my mom and I visited the Met and wandered through the galleries for a few hours, and I have to say that I feel more inspired than ever. A little bit jealous of those with artistic talent, but mostly inspired.

It's so easy to get stuck inside at your desk, typing away furiously on your laptop, getting through your work. It's easy to forget that there's a great big world out there filled with things to inspire us.

Whether you're taking a trip to the museum or wandering around your neighborhood and people watching - it's so important to get out there and experience all the things our world has to offer.

Living in New York City has been the best thing for my work and my soul. There's a reason I love this city the most, and it's not because the subway smells like pee. It's because it's a city rich in culture, filled with all kinds of characters, and overflowing with artwork both inside museums and on the streets. There's graffiti, fashion, flyers, advertisements, and so much more. This city is filled with talented folks and I'm honored to be in their presence.

Maybe if I rub up on some lamp posts I'll absorb a little bit of it.... Then again, maybe I'll just get the flu...

On my journey to a happy place in a city surrounded by infinite muses,
xx Nikbear