Food For Thought

  You are what you eat. I have seen a direct correlation between what I put into my body and the quality of what brain outputs. I've got a massive amount of work coming up this month and I've been trying to be more conscious of feeding my brain rather than my absurd and unhealthy cravings.

It starts with the basics - going to the grocery store and buying mostly fresh fruits and veggies, then getting home and immediately washing, cutting, and storing the produce in tupperware in my fridge. I figured that if I made things like raw peppers and sliced apples as easy to grab and go as a bag of chips, I'd really have no reason to not eat them. A little bit of prep work goes a long way.

Power foods for the powerful mind

I did some research for some on super foods for your brain and I'm pleased to report that not only are all of these things easy to find, they are also relatively cheap to buy and super delicious! Here are some of my favorites from the various lists I explored:

  • Green veggies such as broccoli, spinach, kale, and brussel sprouts
  • Avocados
  • Nuts (especially walnuts)
  • Dark chocolate (MEGA YUM, MY FAVE)
  • Berries (especially blueberries)
  • Coffee in moderation (no more than 3 cups per day for optimal brain function)
  • Fatty fishes such as salmon
  • Olive Oil

And of course, lots of water! Our brains are made of 75% water, and when we become dehydrated the brain tissue actually shrinks. Less good, less good.

All the mental health tips in the world will do you no good if you're brain isn't getting the proper care and nutrition it needs! Remember that in order to have good output, you must have good input.

What are some of your favorite power foods? Got any great recipes that help fuel your busiest work weeks? Drop 'em all in the comments below!

Powering through it all, xx Nikbear