Friday Favorites!

Hello friends. Pardon my brief disappearance into the abyss of nesting and life settling and general shenanigans in New York City. I've been too busy for words and in about 10 days my life is going to start spiraling out of control (in the best way possible) once more, but I figure that now is probably the best time to get back into the swing of blogging. I've spent a lot of time recently doing freelance work and developing ideas for my own media company. At the same time I've spent a lot of time listening to a LOT of good advice from women in the blog-o-sphere. I feel empowered and motivated and ready to take on the world, one step at a time.

In an effort to resist the urge of writing a 23482348239840238423 word blog post today, I'm starting a new Nikbear tradition - Friday Favorites. It's just a taste, or a little mini wrap up if you will, of some of the things I've been really loving all week. Enjoy my little lovelies!

Friday Favorites


1. is a cute little website I actually just stumbled upon that lists some of the new boutiques of notoriety in the big apple. Although I have very little spending money (all the time and I promise this is my only saving grace), I am a shopaholic. The good news? Window shopping is always free. I am, however, going to indulge and take my part of my latest pay check to go play tomorrow at some of these cute little boutiques. Hey, I've been working hard, ok?

2. THIS. LOOKS. SO. DELICIOUS. I can hardly contain myself. I came across this recipe for Cinnamon Sugar Pull Apart Bread sometime in the last year and added it to my bookmarks. When I rediscovered the bookmark today and realized that I haven't baked anything in forever, I decided that this is going to be my weekend project. Because, I mean, look at it. It's like heaven in little pull apart pieces. I've never actually made dough from scratch before (I admit it - I'm a boxed mix girl, but mostly only because my mom doesn't bake. ever.) so I'm more than a little terrified of making this. But the reward is DELICIOUS CINNAMONY GOODNESS, so I'm going to try real hard not to mess it up. I will post pictures of my success/failure in an upcoming post.

3. FOOTBALL SEASON IS BACK! HELL TO THE YES! I cannot tell you how much I LOVE football season. I never avidly watch/stalk any particular team because for me it's not about bragging rights or talking smack about players or all that drama - I just think it's a fan-friggin-tastic sport. That being said, I do still bleed orange and green for my alma mater, more so now than ever before because I miss college life and tailgating and all things associated with the Miami Hurricanes. And I don't want to hear any talk on this post about all the Shapiro drama because I simply don't care. The Canes had their first game of the season this week and although we didn't do so well, we didn't do as horribly as I imagined while having 8 key players suspended. Chin up, we're coming for Ohio State on Sept. 17th! For any displaced Canes in the big apple looking for the place to watch the game? Check out Brother Jimmy's BBQ in midtown (don't forget your orange and green) but get there early because it's always packed on game day! .... A side note: my favorite pro team, the NY Giants, have their first official season game on Sunday! Stoooooked!

4. Quotes like this one. All week long I've been finding my niche, rediscovering myself and getting my motivation back. For almost all of August I felt completely out of it, like a lost little puppy trying to figure out why things weren't going the way I wanted to. Then I realized that I was doing NOTHING to help create the life I wanted, the life I thought I deserved, and that I was simply getting mad at the universe and circumstance for not simply hand delivering happiness to my doorstep. So I pretty much slapped myself out of, rolled up my sleeves and made some pretty significant strides towards my own happiness this week. Hooray! Another quote that has really gotten me through the week? Be so happy that when others look at you they feel happy too.

5. This week's anthem song has been Side by Side by Felguk. No doubt at it. It's been my pump up music all week long and, when I wasn't chained to transcription work, I played it on repeat and high volume dancing around my apartment getting stuff done. Dance away, friends!

6. September 19th is going to be such a glorious day. I have NEVER been one to get addicted to TV shows, so for me to be celebrating the season premiere of How I Met Your Mother is kind of a big deal. But ohmygodi'msofrigginexcited. I totally and completely blame my BsAs roommate JuJu for getting me hooked onto this show. JUJU IF YOU ARE READING THIS YOU SHOULD KNOW I TOTALLY BLAME YOU. I will be having a watch party at my place. There will be more details and pictures coming soon.

7. Hula hoops!! LOVE hula hoops right now even though I'm still not very good at spinning one around my bodice. My first step into hula hoop land is going to be to build my own hoop (either this weekend or next week) so that I can practice all the time. The next step (once I get good at hooping) is going to be to buy one of these AWESOME LED HULA HOOPS. Because I want to spin ribbons of color around my body. That just sounds like the sexiest thing ever to me right now. Mind has been locked on target. Must make it happen now.

And that's it. How perfect! Seven favorites for my first series of Friday Favorites! Seven is my lucky number, you know.

I hope you enjoyed these and please leave comments and love about your favorite things this week! If you're looking for more giggles and trinkets of joy, feel free to check out my twitter @npamani or my tumblr, The Daily QuirCk.

Peace and love homies! xx Nikbear