Friday Favorites!

Hello friends! I am SO SORRY that I missed last week's Friday Favorites. I've been working up a storm and the last two weeks have whizzed by faster than I could have ever imagined. It's almost scary how we are halfway through December and just about 2 weeks away from the new year! Hope that you all are enjoying the holiday cheer and are getting ready for a much needed break from work! Anyways, without further ado, here are this week's Friday Favorites!!

1. Dear friends, meet my new boots. I am completely obsessed with these boots from Forever 21. Super comfy and really cute - perfect for work and play. I decided I needed a new pair of shoes since I waitress 7 hour shifts and am on my feet/running around/in a kitchen all night. And I couldn't have picked a better pair of winter boots for my little feetsies. I highly recommend these bad boys.


2. In case you didn't know - last Saturday was SantaCon. If you live in Manhattan, I'm pretty sure you know what it is by now. Unless of course you locked yourself up inside all day on Saturday (which may have been a fantastic idea). SantaCon is essentially a massive pub crawl where everyone dresses up like either a Santa Claus, a reindeer, an elf, a Hannukah Harry, or something holiday themed. Drinking starts at 10am and goes until you find yourself face down somewhere in the city. SantaCon destroyed me and my girl Fatima this year, but we had a blast. See you next year all you crazy Santas!


3. Last Sunday my dear friends Shea and Easton hosted a party to decorate their Christmas tree, Francesca the Fir. Origami ornaments were made, popcorn was strung (and eaten), cider was sipped, and there was a LOT of coloring and laughing and snuggles. Post decoration, Francesca was renamed Tinku Tree - a perfect name for the glittering green queen before us. What a fantastic idea for a party. Thanks again for having us lovelies!


4. At the above mentioned party, Easton and Shea gave out all of our little Christmas presents. This was my gift - a bear pendant. It is my first piece of bear themed jewelry and I am absolutely obsessed with this little piece of happiness. Such a thoughtful gift and so freaking adorable! I've been wearing it all week. I may never take it off. THANKS YOU GUYS!!! Speaking of bear things ... check out this hilarious video that my best bear sent me.


5. If you guys didn't catch this, I feel pretty bad for you. A couple days ago Jenna Marbles hosted her first live UStream event. What was it? A sort of "Come get virtually drunk with me" kind of thing. I caught the last few hours in the early hours of the morning and I have to admit that it was WAY better than the morning news. Thanks for being endlessly entertaining, Jenna. You too, Max.

And those are the things that rocked my socks off this week. I hope you guys enjoyed this week's edition of Friday Favorites - and again, my apologies that my posts have been so much shorter and less frequent lately. I promise I will get back on my blog grind soon!

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Making that cheddah, xx Nikbear