Friday Favorites!

Hello friends! TGIF indeeeeeeed. Hope that you all have had a wonderful week. Time for Nikbear's Friday Favorites! Here are some of the things that have been making me hyper excited all weekend. Enjoy!

1. How freaking cool is that? Granted it took me an hour to do both hands because I was deep in trial and error mode, but I'm officially addicted to nail art. I spent about two hours the other night after giving myself this kick ass manicure watching YouTube tutorials. Expect lots more pictures as I venture further into the world of nail art. Click this link for a super nifty tutorial on how to give yourself this manicure on a rainy day.

2. Hype Machine Radio on my iPhone. Woah. Mind. Blown. I love Pandora, but for fresh, new tunez, HypeM is obviously the way to go. If you have an iPhone, get this app ASAP. I promise you, you won't regret it.

3. is a fantastic website and resource for anyone in the city. They have listings for all the new, hip restaurants, bars, lounges and whatever else you could think of. Even better - they have an entire page called Thrillist Rewards dedicated to bringing you the hottest deals in the city. A couple months ago I bought a reward package for my parents for super cheap that gave them a sit down prix fix menu at a fancy restaurant - 8 plates and 6 cocktails or something ridiculously awesome like that. Tonight Thrillist Rewards has me going to a sake and Japanese craft beer tasting paired with Japanese noms. All I can eat and drink in 2 hours for $40. So much winning.

4. After YEARS (ok, maybe just one year) of searching, I finally found the perfect pair of jeggings. Comfy, chic and durable. Thanks Jessica Simpson. I'm completely obsessed with them and have been wearing them all week long. Good luck getting me out of them this season.

5. I've never been a good artist. My art has always been photography, never drawing or painting or sculpting or what have you. Recently though, I've been inspired by my lady friend Laura to start sketching again. So far I haven't come up with anything decent enough to share with the masses, but above is a doodle I made at AfterBurn in 2010 - I like squiggles. And turtles.

6. This week I've been going a little sequin crazy. I have NO IDEA where this is coming from, but I have added a little shine to my life. I bought these adorable sequined flats at Bakers. My girl Laura gave me her turquoise sequin suspenders and her purple sequin fanny pack. Not to mention I already have a purple sequin hat. I'm going to be all sequined out at some point this year - maybe as one of my 89 Halloween costume ideas. Le sigh.

7. Today I had lunch with my friends down near Wall Street. On our walk back towards the subway we ran into a super awesome flea market on the street. THE SAVINGS THE SAVINGS. I couldn't help myself. I bought 6 necklaces and 5 pairs of earrings. All for under $30. Presents GALORE ... get excited lady friends in Miami. I bring you shiny things.

And those are the seven things that have made my week fly by. I can't believe it's already the second weekend in October. Only three more weeks till I fly to Miami to see all my beloveds, and so many exciting things happening before that. Squeeeee.

My weekend plans? Mostly rage with Lady Laura for her birthday and throw in a baby shower, a new puppy friend, and some sick nasty beats from Deadmau5, Feed Me, & Excision.... yeah, that sounds about right.

Have a fantastic weekend friends! Please feel free to leave me some comments about your weekend plans, things that made you smile this week, or just general love!! If you’re looking for more giggles and trinkets of joy, feel free to check out my twitter @npamani or my tumblr, The Daily QuirCk.

With too much love, xx Nikbear