Friday Favorites!

Hello friends! Hope you've all had a fabulous week! Enjoy this week's Friday Favorites!!

1. Let me open up this week's FF with the most exciting news. Ever. For those of you who don't know, I am a HUGE advocate of 11:11 wishes. Don't worry, I'm not some super crazy person that sits in front of a clock just waiting for it to turn 11:11, but on those rare but wonderful moments when I happen to gaze at my clock, watch or cell phone and the time is exactly 11:11 I do a little happy dance and make a wish. I have no true expectations of these wishes coming true, but they tend to be related to goals I am already working towards. So 99% of the time I make them come true for myself. Either way, today being November 11th, 2011 is pretty freaking awesome in my books. An entire day of wishes! An entire day with the added potential for awesomeness! I'm getting giddy just thinking about it.

2. Winter is coming! Winter is coming! Time to bust out your winter coats, snow boots, and... sweaters... for... your... dogs...? Wait, what? I understand that puppies get cold too, and I'm all for protecting our little furry snuggle buddies from colds and pneumonia and other sicknesses, but I've seen some pretty ridiculous outerwear for dogs lately. Please to remember that I am an Upper East Side girl now so all the dogs I have seen in sweaters and coats have been dressed to the nines. Last week I saw two Chihuahuas wearing what I'm pretty sure were fur lined coats. Call me crazy, but that just seems wrong. I mean, you don't see me wearing Prada's new Human-Skin Trench, do you? DON'T GET ANY IDEAS LADY GAGA.

3. Oh. My. Goodness. Last Sunday evening as I was clearing up my apartment and doing dishes I flipped on the telly for some background noise. It happened to be tuned to ABC and the latest episode of Pan Am came on. WHY HASN'T ANYONE TOLD ME ABOUT HOW FREAKING FABULOUS THIS SHOW IS? Ok. Let me rewind for a second. I love to travel. Duh. As a child I briefly flirted with the idea of becoming an air hostess/stewardess/insert the PC term here. A dear friend of my dad's (or maybe she was a cousin of my dad's....I'm not really sure) was a hostess/stewardess/whatever and when she used to come stay with us for a couple of days she always had the most exciting stories and the most exotic list of countries she was in and out of. I wanted to be her. Exactly like her. Those dreams quickly died as I started traveling more and more myself and realizing just how anti-awesome air travel has become. I was totally born in the wrong decade. Why can't flying be glamorous and fancy-ful and luxurious anymore? When I went to Miami a couple weeks ago I was flying Spirit Airlines - and even though the flight itself was wicked cheap, I will never be flying with them again. They charge you for your carry on bag (the first 'purse' or tiny little bag is free, the second is $40) as well as any checked luggage. They charge you THREE DOLLARS for a can of Sprite. And their seats don't recline. Now take all those horrible things and multiply them by 100+ people and imagine serving those people - that is the life of a hostess/stewardess/whatever now. I pass. Anyways, at least I can live vicariously through ABC's show Pan Am. Le sigh.

4. LIPSTICK. Lipstick has changed my life recently. I'm not one to put on make up or get super dolled up or really care at all about what I'm wearing. Don't get me wrong, I groom myself and I can be a girly girl when I really feel like it, but on average I'm more practical than fashionable. That being said, the addition of several shades of lipstick to my life has made all the difference. I feel like a brand spanking new woman. Heck, I feel like a woman, full stop. It makes me feel more grown up and actually encourages me to give a damn about the rest of my appearance. Three cheers for lipstick! Hooray!

5. Dear Friends, Meet Allie, the genius blogger behind Hyperbole and a Half. My dear friend Kutner sent me a link for one of Allie's posts, The God of Cake, and my life has been irrevocably changed. And it's awesome. This mastermind of a woman writes the most hilarious posts recounting stories from her childhood and her present life with fantastically perfect comics. I actually sat down and read ALL of her posts the other night and nearly peed myself from laughing so hard. Some of my personal favorites include, How a Fish Almost Destroyed My Childhood, The Party, and 7 Games You Can Play With a Brick. Bravo, Allie. Bravo. I hope to meet you one day and shake your hand.

6. The Lonely Island boys (ok, maybe just one of them) are back!! And this time with a fantabulous video called Ras Trent. I haven't had a chance to share this with you all, but this year for Christmas and New Year's my parents, my brother and I are going to Jamaica!! I'm super, super stoked about it. Anyways, I saw this video on The Lonely Island YouTube channel the other day and have been watching it at least twice a day to get extra pumped for my vacation. I fully expect to return from Jamaica EXACTLY like this. Prepare yourselves, friends. 2012 is going to be a GREAT year if I come back as Ras Bear.

7. Bubble baths are my favorite thing ever. I actually just finished scrubbing the crap out of my tub and I bought some new Lavender Aromatherapy Bath Salts, so as soon as I finish this post it is totally bubble bath time. The only thing I hate about taking bubble baths in NYC in the winter? Getting OUT of the bathtub and freezing my bum off. Wahhhh. Sad bear.

Anyways, those are some of the things that have been rocking my socks off all week. I hope you enjoyed! Leave some comments with your favorite things or wishes or dreams or just general love - I promise I read and adore all of your shared sentiments!!

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Happy 11.11.11!! xx Nikbear