Friday Favorites! (Belated)

Hello friends! A million apologies that this week's friday favorites post is late!! I have had an insanely busy week and weekend, but here I am. I always say better late than never!! I had some really fantastic plans for this edition of friday favorites because this is my TENTH post in the series! Whee!!! A big thanks to everyone who reads these posts, and I love all your comments and feedback!! Keep it coming. I promise that next week I will have some nice surprises for you all!

Anyways, without further delay, here are the seven things I have been loving all week. Enjoy, lovelies!

1. Last Saturday was the annual Danksgiving celebration at my good friend Tegh's house. Every year his family puts on a raging party with an epic Thanksgiving feast. This was my first time attending and it was phenomenal. Imagine New Years + Thanksgiving + Diwali + someone's 21st birthday bash. That, my dears, is the very definition of Danksgiving. As a good brown girl, and the only one from my family to attend the party, I was expected to bring something for the feast. I chose to make these DELICIOUS pumpkin bites, recipe here courtesy of Bakerella. I'm making more for actual Thanksgiving this upcoming weekend. Yum yum yum.

2. After Danksgiving, I called up my little brother who was in town for the weekend with a bunch of his friends. He picked me up from Tegh's place and brought me to our house in Jersey. All 6 of us got into a really intense, late night game of Monopoly. I hadn't played the game in years and it was a lot of fun, even though I went bankrupt early. I honestly love watching people play the game more than anything else. Bonding time with my brosef was nice too.

3. After the game of Monopoly we were winding down for bed and all of a sudden I heard soft meowing coming from somewhere. I turned on the back patio lights and these three little kittens were sitting at the window meowing softly. I fell in love instantly. (Admittedly the picture above is not of them, but I keep forgetting to snap photos of them.) I went outside and they were the three friendliest little stray kittens EVER. I fed them some cheese and petted them for a while before passing out. They still come visit from time to time and I may just adopt one of them if this keeps up. Mrrrrooooowwwwww.

4. If you haven't heard of Breaking Bad, let me tell you about it. It's like Weeds, but better. A high school chemistry teacher is diagnosed with lung cancer and is told he likely has less than three years to live. In an effort to pay for his treatment and gather money to leave for his family he starts cooking crystal meth. What a fantastic show. I'm completely addicted and I love that the first three seasons are available on Netflix instant watch. WINNING!

5. Has anyone else noticed how everything has become 'occupy'-able? Occupy Wall Street, Occupy NBC, Occupy Chicken McNuggets, Occupy Your Mom. It's become an epidemic and I cannot stop laughing. Giggle with me, friends. Giggle with me.

6. My girl Melissa and I have found the cheapest gym in the city! Blink Fitness. $20 a month for a fantastic gym. Clean, never too busy, and pretty convenient for both of us to get to. Mel is going to whip my butt into shape. I'm pretty freaking excited.

7. I have been listening to this song NONSTOP all week. But today I finally watched this fantastic video for the song. So. Much. Win. Dance dance dance, some safari awesomeness, and a LION. Woah. Enjoy!!

Sorry for the lack of content in this post - I'm being summoned by my father to help him cook dinner. This is something that has NEVER happened in my lifetime before, and I'm pretty stoked to watch my father cook and then (hopefully) clean up the mess he makes in the kitchen. Pictures to come, I promise.

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Lots of loves, xx Nikbear