Gaal's Waahld Weekend in the Hamptons

Westhampton Beach
Westhampton Beach

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Hello friends! Hope that you are enjoying the end bits of summer time. This happens to be one of my favorite times of the year - when it's still nice and hot out, but not so hot that you feel like your skin is melting off, not to mention there's a hint of autumn in the air (especially at night time). I'm LOOOOOOVING it. ^_^

Two weekends ago, one of my darling friends hosted our group of gaals at her parents' place in Westhampton Beach for a weekend getaway. It was 2 days and 2 nights of throwback tunes, giggles, girl talk, tanning, swimming, cooking, and a little bit of drinking. AKA perfection. I don't think I realized just how much I needed this weekend getaway until I finally got there and had a glass of wine in hand.

I had some truly fantastic conversations with my lady friends this weekend. For the first time in a long time, I opened up to a new group of people and trusted them to see the real me - the me that isn't always happy and cheery, but is sometimes upset, concerned, exhausted, and even angry. Don't get me wrong - I've always been close with these ladies, but this weekend brought me even closer to them. I heard myself spewing out a verbal diarrhea of emotions and instantly wanted to take it all back and apologize to my friends for unloading my bags of shit onto them. When I tried to, they laughed and responded with "NIKKI STOP YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO DO THIS WITH YOUR FRIENDS. MORE MORE MORE. TELL US MORE." And I swear that I've never felt more relieved in my entire life. It's a wonderful thing to know that your closest friends not only want more of the good from you, but also more of the not-so-good. You ladies are my grounding rocks, and I am eternally grateful to have you all in my life.

Let's have some real talk for a minute.

Life is tough. Surviving in the big, real world is hard and exhausting and emotionally taxing and frustrating and busy and scary and really, really lonely. Doesn't matter if you live in NYC or BumbleF*ckNowhere - life. is. tough. Especially when you're a twenty-something wandering soul trying to figure out what your next move is and how you're going to make the millions you know you deserve.

For that reason, it's important to let people in - tell them what's going on in your life, give them some insight on what you think your next step is going to be, listen to their feedback/advice/opinions, let those words marinade and simmer in your brain, and finally take a deep breath and make a decision to take charge of your destiny.

I'm a firm believer in fate and destiny. But I'm also a firm believer in free will, hard work, perseverance, and a good moral standing. I am of the opinion that certain destinies and life paths have been predetermined for us (not necessarily by a higher being - I'm still not sure I buy into the whole supreme being called God thing) and show themselves based on the families, places, socio-economic statuses, and lives we are BORN into. Where we go from birth and which life path we will take is determined by our hard work and the opportunities we CHOOSE to take. Equally important are the people we choose to interact with, the people we choose to love and allow to love us back, and the people we choose to observe, admire and model ourselves after.

I have seen people come from nothing to have everything through hard work, good choices, and a touch of luck. I have also seen people come from everything and fall to nothing through laziness, selfishness, and arrogance.

I know that in the end things will work out for me. It might take a while, but at least I'm on the road to success. Although things may be hard right now, I CHOOSE to surround myself with positive people, positive energy, and positive possibilities.

"If fate doesn't make you laugh, you just don't get the joke." - Shantaram

xx Nikbear