Gahhh, I'm sorry!!!

Hello blog-o-sphere. My apologies for falling off the face of the earth for the past three weeks. Good golly miss molly, has it really only been three weeks? I feel like I've lived a lifetime in the past three weeks. Anywhos, let me back up first and explain where I've been. About three days after my last post my best bear Hillary arrived in NYC for a weekend of birthday shenanigans. MY birthday shenanigans. Thats right, friends. This little bear is finally 22 years young. And let me tell you, so far... 22 has been the best year yet.

So. Right. Best bear and I had this BRILLIANT idea to have a fake bachelorette party with all of our lady friends. ATTENTION ALL FEMALE READERS ... DO THIS. IMMEDIATELY. EVEN IF YOU'RE ALREADY MARRIED. We had the most fun EVER. We bought tiaras, beads, noise makers, a Bachelorette sash, stickers, etc. I already had the fake engagement ring so we were all set and ready to go. How does one have a fake bachelorette party? Well.... gather all your lady friends and decide on a mutual wedding date as well as the fiance's first name.... we decided to go with Richard. Because it is shortened to Dick. So naturally all of our toasts were "TO DICK!" What a good man Dick is.

So the way it works is at every bar one of the lady friends gets a chance to wear the sash and ring and be the bride. We went to five different bars and had five different brides. SO MUCH FUN! I'm definitely doing this again sometime soon. Here's the only semi-decent photo of us from the night:

Birthday weekend successfully kicked off. My real birthday party, however, was the following night at Dave and Busters. Oh yeah. That's right. I went there. Games, drinks and general shenanigans with 30-40 of my closest friends. I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCHLY! Thanks for the best birfday a bear could ask for.

If that wasn't enough, I got two calls for job interviews on my birthday weekend. Two days after my birthday I had the first interview with an internationally renowned marketing company. Landed the job. Started the next day. WOOHOO EMPLOYMENT!

This job has me super busy and super excited. Just finished my first week of work, and even though I was tired beyond all belief I was filled with this incredible sense of pride and accomplishment. Floating on cloud 9.

BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE. I also do freelance media work/administrative assistant work and my current client is my Mommy. She just had her first exhibition for her art yesterday at Enamor Me. Check out her art on her Facebook page - Studio 63. Yesterday was a HUGE success and a fantastic confidence boost that my mommy needed. I'm so proud of her!

Needless to say, it's been a crazy couple of weeks - in the best possible way! So, my apologies for not writing here lately, but there's my life update in a nutshell.

I just went back and re-read my last post and it's funny how life works out, isn't it? Right when I start wondering about my career choices and how on earth things are going to work out for me, it all just kind of comes together. Gotta love that crazy little thing called fate.

Thanks for tuning in guys and hope you're having a most fabulous start to 2012. I've got to run - cleaning and preparations for the week are calling me.

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Smiling TOO HARD, xx Nikbear