Have a Good Day Today

A good day Hellooooooo friends! Here's hoping that your case of the Mondays isn't too severe! It's a bit gloomy outside, but today I celebrate two very dear friends' birthdays, so I'm pretty determined to make my own sunshine. Happy Birthday KutKut & Mel! I love you both very dearly! xxx

So today I want to touch briefly on some merry-making advice. The past couple of weeks I've been in limbo between my NYC apartment and my parents' place in Jersey. At least a couple times a week I make the trek between the two via public transportation, taking a bus to a subway car to another bus. To get from the GW Bridge Bus Terminal to the A train you have to pass through a tunnel-type-thang.

On the mornings that I am commuting to work and passing through this tunnel, I always run into one person in particular: a man with his guitar singing the same song over and over again. I have no idea how long he sits there for and I have no idea if this is a real song or something he just makes up as he goes along (I'm going to bet he just makes it up as he goes along because most of it is in broken English) but the chorus is ALWAYS the same. It goes "Everybody have a good day toooooday. Everybody have a good day toooooddddaaaaaayyyyyy-ayyyyy-aayyyyyy. Good day, fun day, good day, happy day. Everybody have a good daaaayyyyy toooooddddaaaaayyyyyy."

I freaking love this guy.

His song is so quirky and perfect - it always puts a smile on my face. I hope that everyone who passes this man in the mornings appreciates him as much as I do. I always make it a point to give him a beaming smile and I try to give him a buck or two as often as possible.

It's the little things in life, friends.

On days that are especially rough and have me banging my head against a brick wall sometimes I just stop and think about that little man in the subway and his happy little song. More often than that, thinking about him wills me into having a good day JUST FOR HIM. If for no other reason, I convince myself that the man in the subway would be so proud of me and so proud of himself for having converted my bad day into a good day.

So here's my advice to you: Have a good day today. If not for me, if not for yourself, do it for the man singing his song day in and day out on the subway....

Humming happy tunez, xx Nikbear