Hello, this is me.

Hello friends! It's late on a Monday night/early on a Tuesday morning, but after a particularly mediocre night at the pub I found myself wondering WHY AM I DOING THIS TO MYSELF? WHY AM I WORKING SO HARD ALL THE TIME? And so I started going back through old photos from my travels across the globe in an attempt to cheer myself up. Or at least remind myself why I'm breaking my back trying to make ends meet and build up my savings once more. During my trip down memory lane I stumbled across a couple of photos from my semester abroad in Argentina that made me smile. Check them out:

In each of these pictures I have my arms extended, as if I am saying HELLO WORLD. THIS IS ME. I WANT TO BE YOUR FRIEND FOREVER. As I was writing the captions for these photos, my smile got bigger because I realized that each of these pictures is taken at a crossroads of sorts. The first photo is taken at Puerto Iguazu, a place where Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay meet. The second photo is taken in Patagonia, a place where Argentina and Chile meet. The last photo is taken in Colonia del Sacramento, on the border of Argentina and Uruguay. I embraced almost all the borders of Argentina with arms wide open.

It was nice to be reminded that if I keep working hard, one day I might be able to open my arms to a new border. "Hello [__insert country name here__]... this is me. I am a Little Bear in a Big World, and I'm damn proud of everything I've done to get to this point and finally meet you. And it was TOTALLY worth it."