I. Can't. Help. Falling in Love. With. You.

True story.

Lately I've been feeling extremely grateful for all the wonderful people I know. I am head over heels in love with all my friends - no matter how far away from me they may be. I have had the distinct pleasure of meeting some truly AMAZING, LOVING, and INSPIRING people in the course of my life.

Hold on to the people that have always supported you and your dreams, no matter what. Hold on to the people that make you smile. Hold on to the people that actually give a damn on a daily basis. Hold on to the people that call you up first with exciting news. Hold on to the people that miss you, even if you just saw them yesterday.

It's a great thing to be a part of someone's life, and I can only hope that I am just as awesome a friend to my loved ones as they are to me.

Below is a quick (ok it's pretty long) photo tribute to some of the amazing people in my life. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!! (There are so many more photos I wanted to include here, but I guess I'll save them for tribute part 2.)

Sending you buckets of love, xx Nikbear