In The Flesh

How many of you guys are my work-from-home type peeps like me? This one’s for you... Today I want to talk about the importance of getting out from behind your computer and interacting with real people using real words. Yep, that’s right. It’s time to get literally social.

If you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur, digi-business owner, student, master of solitary confinement, or a vampire I’ve got some bad news for you: the whole hiding in a cave of filth alternating between extreme productivity and extreme procrastination bit? It’s getting old. And we all know what’s really going on over there.

In The Flesh - npamani

Sometimes, I really do miss the days of working a desk job. I had a reason to get up everyday, put nice clothes on, throw some makeup on, interact with other people, pepper my days with work and breaks, pack up, come home to a clean apartment, turn off, eat, pass out. Rinse and repeat. Those were simpler days.

When I first started freelancing I felt my whole world shift. My routine went right out the window, pants were a thing of the past, was my new best friend, my apartment was a complete disaster from simply living in it 24/7, and I was on the verge of carpal tunnel because of all the “conversations” I was having via text, email, and Facebook chat.

I had also basically forgotten how to normally interact with my friends on the weekends and had somehow become that socially awkward friend in our group. I had perfected the nervous laugh and I didn’t care because it was only a matter of time before I was back, safe in my burrow.

Source: Hyperbole and a Half

Not surprisingly, my best friend was going through the same thing in Florida at the start of her freelance career. When she decided to (finally) move up to New York, a wave of relief washed over both of us. Only a few more months till we could be together again and fall back into our old routine of perfectly balanced efficiency and silliness.

It’s something we really mastered in college along with our other friends and classmates. Miami weather was always perfect around December finals and we would inevitably post up at a table outside the library clad in pajamas and armed with coffee, snacks, and cigarettes. We would often work till 3 or 4 in the morning, taking frequent breaks to sprint through the grass or take a walk along the lake on campus, just to release all that stress for a second.

These days, rather than posting up outside our school library, Hillary and I have taken to posting up in our new favorite coffee shop on the Upper East Side: Gotham Cafe. The WiFi is reliable, the sandwiches and salads are plentiful, and my afternoon treat of a peppermint mocha and chocolate-covered macaroon is the perfect pick-me-up to power through the last of my workday.

Co-working is my absolute favorite thing in the world. Nothing gets my brain juices flowing better than being surrounded by accomplished, hardworking, brilliant, and funny colleagues. We work hard together, then play hard together... and the days seem to just speed on by. More often than not, I’ll find myself finishing my tasks faster and earlier when I’m coworking with friends and peers. Suddenly, I’ll look at my to-do list and realize that I’m almost done with everything and it’s almost 6pm. VICTORY!

I love co-working so much, in fact, that I’m spreading the gospel all over town by hosting my own monthly gatherings. With buckets of support & encouragement from the ever fabulous Coach Jennie, I’ve been organizing details for little co-working parties round NYC once a month. It started as an attempt to meet-up with people from our digi-tribe, Hungry Entrepreneurs, on a weekday and still be productive.

Our first event was at the tail end of summer and we took the chance to sit in Bryant Park (pro-tip: the whole park has WiFi) and soak up some last minute sunshine. It was such a smashing success that we had another one at the Ace Hotel in Midtown and ANOTHER one at VBar Cafe in the West Village. We’re still hunting for that perfect downtown/midtown spot that has reliable wifi, enough comfortable seating/table space/outlets, coffee, food, and booze... but we’re perfectly content bouncing around every month until we find (OR BUILD?) this magical place!

In The Flesh - npamani

This month we’re meeting at Argo Tea Cafe in Chelsea on Monday and I’d absolutely for you guys to join me! It would be so nice to see your shining faces and learn more about you guys & your awesome work!


Co-Working in the Big Apple (RSVP via Facebook)

Info: Monday, February 17th 11am - 7pm Argo Tea Cafe (7th Ave btwn 25th and 26th)



Can’t make it? No worries - shoot me an email and I’ll keep you posted on next month’s soiree!

AAAANNNNDDDD... Head’s up: I’ll be attending Social Media Week: New York for the first time EVER next week! I’ve got three masterclasses lined up and some space for other events/workshops. Are any of you going? Let me know in the comments!

Looking forward to a week STACKED with social interaction! xx Nikbear