Just for the hell of it

Is there anything in the world that is more merry-making than the smell of fresh baked goodies? I think not. That's probably why all the candles and body products I own are vanilla and cinnamon scented. Oh you want me and my entire apartment to smell like fresh baked cookies? Yeah, that sounds fantastic. I can do that.

I'm in this great habit of baking sporadically. I started baking cupcakes when I lived in my first solo apartment in Miami. I would bake 24 delicious cupcakes and then have friends come over to chill and eat them (because eating 24 cupcakes by yourself is a seriously bad idea). I would affectionately call these friends my baking benefactors.

Baking can be really therapeutic for me. It's so simple - take these measurements of these ingredients, mix, throw into oven, wait till your apartment smells like heaven, remove from oven, consume with friends and loved ones.

Next week I'll be throwing a Welcome to NYC party for my best friend and I plan on making homemade Apple Cinnamon Cupcakes, so I'll be sure to post up some pictures from that on my Instagram.

xx Nikbear