Learn something new today

So today I found some free time and decided that it was time for a new blog post. I couldn't decide on a topic, so I asked my best friend Nat to give me some topic ideas. Of course, his first three ideas were horrible (Egypt? No. Rising oil prices? No. AT&T stock going down? No... Damn, kid, stop surrounding yourself with such negative things!) And then he suggested I interview him about his new found love for playing the ukulele. So I did.

An accurate representation of my friend Nat...

Q: Why the eff bomb did you pick the ukulele?
A: Well I've always wanted to play a string instrument. I tried drums and the saxophone but those weren't that stimulating. So one day I was at a friends house and there was a kid playing a ukulele and I thought "That looks like so much fun!" So the next day I bought a ukulele.They're great. They have four strings instead of six and with my smaller hands the smaller neck works great.

Q: Where did you buy it?
A: At WindWorks, a music shop here in Boulder, CO. I purchased a beginner book and a Luna Ukulele for a total of $60. Luckily, they are pretty inexpensive. If you spend over $50 you can guarantee yourself a pretty good one.

Q: What was the hardest part about learning the ukulele?
A: Learning new chords I'd say. Getting the fingering right is difficult and you put your hand in awkward positions. I would work on two chords at a time, strumming and going back and forth. Once you get comfortable with the chord you can start using it in combination with other chords and then you start making music. It really only takes three chords to have a song - most Lily Allen songs are two chords!

End interview. Ok so it's not that interesting, but it brings me to a point -- it's never to late to learn something new or at least try something new.

My mom had this great life goal (I'm not too sure if she still lives by it, but I know I try to) to try two new things every year - one for the body and one for the mind. There's a lot out there in the world to fall in love with and be passionate about. In the past couple years I've found myself experimenting more and more - I jumped out of a plane, I climbed a mountain, I lived in a foreign country, I picked up photography again, I started doing yoga, I got a tattoo, I became a certified open water diver, etc etc.

Don't get me wrong, I love the routine. I live for and by the routine. But when you're only given one life to live, wouldn't you want to get to the end of your path and look back and say HOLY SHIT I DID SO MUCH? Don't be afraid to skip work every once in a while to go do something crazy on a whim. After all, wouldn't you love to stroll up to the party strumming a ukulele?