Let's Fly

Photo courtesy of @hcweiss

Hello friends! I hope that you all are enjoying this fantastic weather as much as I am! I woke up today and realized that it was the first day of shorts season in NYC.

Hello legs. I've missed you.

I've had a crazy couple of weeks! Life has been super hectic and it's been FANTASTIC. Work has been keeping me busy, allergies have been keeping me sniffly, and friends have kept me dancing. And I leave for an epic vacation at the end of this week. Wheeeeee, life!

I've been thinking a lot about how when we set our minds to something, we can really do anything we want. So many of our fears are self instilled. We fear that we may not be good enough at something; we fear that we may not deserve a certain amount of success; we fear that we will never realize our dreams.


The sooner you set your goals as high as the sky, the sooner you'll realize that they are totally within reach. If you want something bad enough, and you work hard towards it, eventually you will get there. I promise.

Where we go we don't need roads, And where we stop, nobody knows, To the stars if you really want it, Got a jetpack with your name on it. - Far East Movement 

Soaring amongst the clouds, xx Nikbear