Love-Hate Relationship

9 weeks into my internship. One week left. Diggity damn. After working in this office for 9 weeks I've come to think of it as home, and as with every home I've ever had, there are definitely things I like and things I hate about working in Times Square. So here's my list: Things I LOVE about working in Times Square:


Fantastic smelling food. Mostly from the gyro and falafel street vendors. Not only does it smell delicious and taste pretty damn good, but a giant gyro only puts you out about $5 (not bad for NYC). Mmm.

Convenience The fact that from my place of residence in NYC on the Lower East Side it only takes me 20 minutes to get to work in Times Square via the F train is super convenient and awesome. Thanks F train. You're my favorite.

Men in suits eating ice cream cones Summertime in the city is always interesting. You want to look professional for work but HOT DAMN it is blazing outside and the last thing I want to be in is an effing suit. Here's to all those business men in their Armani suits scarfing down ice cream cones on the corner.

The view from my office Working on the 34th floor has been awesome. And I love my view. It might be half the reason I'm still coming to work everyday. Just kidding, I love my yob. (An actual picture of my view coming soon.)

Things I HATE about working in Times Square: (warning, excessive rants may follow...)


Crazy New Yorkers on Bicycles Let's forget for a minute that some of the bikers in NYC are absolutely retarded and do things like this (-->) which make me facepalm real hard. Let's also forget for a second that they zip around on streets and avenues with complete disregard to traffic and pedestrian signals. Let's focus on me for a second. A couple weeks ago I was running a work errand from one building to another (across Broadway...seriously, just had to cross the avenue) and I got hit FULL ON by a guy on a bicycle. The asshole knocked me flat on my tush, picked up his bike and rode off. THANKS JACKASS. grumblegrumblegrumble. I'm gonna find you one of these days and get my sweet, sweet revenge. Possibly with my dad's friend's minivan. Hehe. No I'm kidding. But I'm still pissed.

People that handout promotional flyers It bothers me to NO END that I cannot walk the 3 blocks from the subway station to my office without having 12 flyers shoved in my face. No, I am not going to buy your shit. No, not even if you shove flyers in my face. In fact, your continued habit of annoying me and trying to sell me your shit makes me want to buy it even less, just to spite you. No, I do not need a haircut. No, I do not need a new stereo from your electronics store. And no, I definitely do not need your restaurant flyer as I am holding my bag of lunch food while I exit this Chipotle. Dumbass. Oh and just a side note, I see your flyers littered all over the streets of this city, so thanks for killing trees while contributing to NYC pollution. I think you deserve a medal for your excellent contribution to society as a human being.

These idiots I understand that it's your first time in New York City and that Times Square is full of awesome shiny things, but do you think that you, your family and your camera could move out of the middle of the effing sidewalk? I mean...last time I checked, it's called a sideWALK, not a sideSTAND. Come on people. If you've been in Manhattan for even 5 minutes, the one thing that you should know is that everyone is always in a rush. Don't get in my way. I will trample you and your child on a leash. Have some respect for the people that are not on vacation such as your lovely selves and are rather hustling and bustling about the city for work purposes. Le sigh.

Stupid Pedestrians Everyday I watch as pedestrians run across the street in front of taxis because they are in SUCH a rush that they can't wait 30 seconds for the walk sign. And everyday I cringe at least 5 times when a pedestrian ALMOST gets hit by a taxi or a car that has the right of way. I hate people that argue that pedestrian's ALWAYS have the right of way, because that's not true. Pedestrians have the right of way on the crosswalk when the little white man says walk NOW. Not always. If you can't abide by those basic rules, then you deserve to get hit by a taxi. I'm sorry, but you do. Share the city. I realize that a lot of the things I hate have to do with stupid people. But that's probably because I just hate stupid people. It doesn't take a lot to live a smart life in this city and I have zero tolerance/respect for people that do stupid things.

But I definitely don't want to end this post on such a negative note, so let me share with you a little tale that warmed my heart yesterday.

Yesterday I went home for the afternoon to visit my family in Jersey. After dinner my mommy dropped me off to the Port Imperial Ferry Stop around 8:50pm. I bought my ferry ticket (redonkulously expensive by the way) and headed out to slip 2. I saw that the ferry was just pulling away from the dock, but the weather was nice and I really didn't mind waiting the 20 minutes for the next boat. I stood at the railing and watched as all of a sudden the boat came back to the dock. I was the only one standing on the slip and the captain waved at me from his post on the second floor of the boat and gave me a big smile. It almost brought a tear to my eye that the captain, a stranger to me, came back to the slip just for me. Thank you kind sir. You have restored my faith in humanity.

It's the little things in life....