Love Lost

Three years ago today the woman (yes woman) upstairs reclaimed the angel she let me lease for a little while. I miss you so much Kelly, but I know you're still watching over us and beaming with pride and joy over everything we have accomplished. I took a vow three years ago to live hard enough for two - I hope I have fulfilled this vow sufficiently so far. I can't believe how quickly three years have gone by and I feel like it was only yesterday that we were sitting on the balcony sharing a stog and complaining about final exams that were coming up. Stay with me baby girl. I can't imagine what this life would be like without you on my shoulder. xxx

Dear friends - I am sorry that I have not posted here recently, but March is over! How bittersweet. March was a crazy month and I had the time of my life, but now April is here and it's time to get back on my A game. It's also time to try and find a little relaxation.

Graduation is just around the corner and this little bear is in full force sending out applications and trying to figure out her next move. Where will life take me next? New York? Los Angeles? Boston? India? Thailand? *shrug* Stay tuned!

xxx Nikbear