Make No Apologies

I hate Halloween skanks. I hate skanks in general, but girls that go out of their way to dress especially skanky for Halloween irritate me to no end. I was kinda sorta OK with it in Miami because everyone dresses like a skank all the time and the weather permits it. But Halloween skanks in NYC just make zero sense to me. ZERO. SENSE. It is SO COLD outside... WHERE ARE YOUR CLOTHES? For the love of zombie jeebus, do you know that pneumonia is a real thing?

I tried to be a sexy candy corn witch for Halloween during my freshman year of college and it was just awkward. Sophomore year I tried to reuse that outfit as a sexy barmaid, but that was even more awkward. Thank goodness for lots of booze and candy or I really don't know how I would've survived those two Halloweens...

This year I decided to be something AWESOME for Halloween instead of something awkward...

... oh yeah. That's right. I was Ron Burgundy. And zero f*cks were given.

Outfitted with my very own Baxter and jazz flute (or YAZZ FLUTE). It was pretty amazing. I knew that those 9 years of flute lessons would come in handy for something.... not actually playing the flute (unfortunately I forgot how to play any real tunes) but at least I had a flute and could trill through a couple notes... which proved to be pretty useful for finding my friends throughout the night.

I had a great time being Ron Burgundy and I make zero apologies for my outfit/behavior/actions/general perspective on life.

Do what makes you happy. Don't feed into peer pressure and societal norms. Just because every other girl in America is dressing up as a sexy kitten, doesn't mean you can't dress up as a legendary news anchorman.

Stay classy San Diego,
xx Nikbear