Making Habits

 I am officially sick of complaining about my bad habits. I am officially sick of saying "I'll start treating my body better tomorrow." I am officially sick of procrastinating. I'm taking my life into my own hands and enforcing better habits in my life. And I'm starting NOW.

My very dear friend (and business partner) Laura and her boyfriend David have created a list of daily good habits. They posted it up in their home office and check off their little successes with adorable gold star stickers. It's a small list of eight simple things that they want to be doing everyday:

  1. No nail biting
  2. Bike/Blade to or from work
  3. 15 minutes (minimum) of gym time
  4. Cook breakfast
  5. Cook dinner
  6. Floss your teeth!
  7. Studio time (painting/learning/freelance projects)
  8. Do all the dishes!

All very doable things! I absolutely love this concept - especially the idea of making a tangible (and maybe even laminated) list to put up in your home. The simple fact that it's on your wall and in your face rewards the days that you hit eight for eight and makes you work harder on the days that you don't.

It's no secret I'm a serial list maker... and I think that this is going to be the next list I post up in my little bear cave. Of course, I'll custom tailor it to fit my lifestyle.... add my own personal daily goals and whatnot.

They key is to keep it realistic! If you've got something absurd on there like "RUN 147 MILES UPHILL BOTH WAYS RAWR" there's no freaking way you'll be able to hit that goal everyday. You'll probably never hit those unrealistic goals and it'll defeat the whole purpose of the list.

A list of desirable habits is meant to reinforce the good in your life, not reprimand you constantly for having bad habits or not reaching your goals. I'd like to be reminded every day that I did eight small, wonderful things for myself.... I can really only see it helping my morale.

And, hey, maybe on the days I hit eight for eight I won't feel quite so bad for indulging in that cupcake/frozen yogurt from time to time.

"We make our habits and then our habits make us." So, friends.... what habits are you making?

Halfway to my happy place, xx Nikbear