Non-Douchey Sales and Marketing Foreplay

Hello friends and followers! Did you guys read all about my crazy double-launch on Monday? What a rush! As promised, I'm here to give you guys a special Industry Hump Sneak Peek into eBooks Suck (but they don't have to). I'm super thrilled to have been a part of this fantastic collaboration with 40 other geniuses! And in case you missed the big news on our Facebook page, we hit #4 on Amazon in our category! Big love and thanks to all of you for your endless support! We couldn't have done this without you.

eBooks Suck (but they don't have to)

My contribution to the book, Non-Douchey Sales with Social Media, is a mini-guide to using platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to help connect with your niche audience and make sales effortlessly.

Here are some of they key takeaways from my chapter:

  • Aim for pull marketing, not push marketing.
  • Use social media to share your excitement, not your desperation.
  • Spread out your content strategically so that you're not bombarding your fans.
  • Organic discussion is what we crave!
  • It's all about talking to the right people, and not necessarily the masses.

But eBooks Suck isn't just about social media sales - we've got chapters on just about every imaginable topic when it comes to conceptualizing, creating, and promoting your next stroke of literary genius. And it's all for the criminally low price of $4.99.

As someone who's been forever on the fence about writing my own eBook, I have to say that reading the stories and advice of all my co-contributors has really put all my fears and worries to bed.

Real talk: Writing and publishing an eBook is a daunting task! There are a million and one questions that we've all asked ourselves when entertaining the thought.

Ready to take that idea in your head and put it into digi-print? Head on over to Amazon and snag your copy now! Need a helping hand with your marketing strategy/content/analysis? Check out my complete list of services or shoot me an email [] to discuss the details of your project!

Fully engaged in marketing foreplay, xx Nikbear