Mental Diabetes

Hello friends and followers. My apologies for missing posts these past few weeks. In case you didn't hear, I officially launched my freelance business and I've been working my tuckus off for some truly amazing clients. I've still got some availability in my work schedule, so if you're looking for a digital strategist, copywriter, or virtual assistant be sure to check out my offerings or shoot me an email with your project details! I'm happy to hop on a complimentary call with you to get the brain juices flowing and see how we can take your business to the next level! (Now booking for projects and launches in June.) Anyways, enough with the shameless self plugs. Let's get to the mental health tip of the day. Last week I went home to New Jersey for a mini retreat and I got to spend some quality time with my dearest mommy. She's been an artist for years and has recently picked up the paintbrush again, this time with a new spin. She's taking a closer look at the parts of life that make us uncomfortable - the parts that make us angry, sad, or even scared.

Partial Realties by Studio63

I couldn't be more thrilled. Don't get me wrong, I love her old work, but there's only so many loving portraits one can make. And I have always been of the opinion that art isn't just supposed to look good, it's also supposed to push you on a mental and emotional level. If it doesn't make you stop and think, something's wrong.

My mom said it best: "I couldn't do the sweet stuff anymore. I was getting mental diabetes."

It got me thinking about our tendencies as humans to push the difficult stuff under the rug and focus exclusively on the happy-go-lucky ladeedadeeda ho-hum stuff. Don't get me wrong - I'm an eternal optimist, but that doesn't mean that I'm pro ignoring your problems.

Life is meant to be difficult. It is meant to test us. That's why we must make difficult choices and often make mistakes. We need to live and learn. We need to deal with the not-so-sweet in order to progress as people.

I spent all of March dealing with my not-so-sweet stuff, and it wasn't the most fun thing I could have been doing, but it was very much necessary. I was suffering hardcore from mental diabetes. I had pushed all the stuff bothering me so far under the rug that I felt like I was living in a disillusioned palace of dreams. I wasn't happy with my life, I wasn't doing anything that I really, truly, deeply wanted to be doing. I was simply ignoring my problems and convincing myself that they would eventually go away as long as I kept a positive attitude and a smile slapped on my face.

I eventually got sick of avoiding it all and made some drastic changes to my life, my career, and my relationships with others. All in the same week. Responsible? Probably not. Overwhelming? Definitely so. But it was 150% worth it.

I struggled for a few weeks, falling into minor bouts of depression and anger and self-hate, but I am proud to say that I'm pretty sure I'm done with all of that. And I've come out on the other side stronger and a better person.

So, now I ask you. What kinds of things have you been avoiding? Are you feeling like you're forcing yourself into a sweet overload? Have any of you experienced mental diabetes? Drop it all in the comments below! I absolutely ADORE hearing your stories!

Checking for emotional cavities too, xx Nikbear