Miami in Review

Hello friends! I hope that everyone had a fantastic Halloween weekend and that all my New Yorkers and New Jersey folk survived the surprise mini-blizzard. Phew. I was so happy that I missed all of it and was having a grand old time in humid, sticky, rainy Miami with friends and loves that I hadn't seen since May. My trip to Miami was entirely too short for my liking - I spent a good majority of last night praying to the rain gods that the tropical storm in Miami would cancel my flight. No such luck, and here I am, sitting in my little apartment on my blog about to recap some of the shenanigans of my trip.

By some miracle I got to see just about everyone that was on my list - a majority of them on Friday itself. I have to admit that I nearly broke down crying each time I got an epic hug from one of my beloveds. You see, friends, for me the people that I leave behind in Miami aren't just friends or acquaintances or a party crew - they are my family. They are my maaaaam, my daaaaad, my sisters, my older brothers, my uncles and aunts and so much more... they are the people that I can always rely on and who love me unconditionally. I'd do anything for these fools and I know that they'd do the same for me. You guys know who you are - I love you all so very much.

So. Weekend in review. Thursday night my flight from New York (LGA) was delayed by about 3 hours which ruined all my plans of doing something fun and exciting and starting the rage fest early. I got to the airport super early hoping to find a bar at which to plop myself down and get a buzz going while I waited to board the aircraft. No such luck with the bar, but I found a little panini kiosk and had some dinner and delicious iced tea sitting on a large windowsill with my kindle.

Finally reached Ft. Lauderdale airport, got my bags, and had a most joyous reunion with my best bear Hillary. We may or may not have peed ourselves slightly. There was definitely a lot of screaming and squealing and bouncing and excitement and OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD YOU'RE HERE I'M HERE WE'RE HERE I LOVE YOU happening in her little mini cooper, Florence. It's a good thing we had a 45 minute drive to get all of that out of our systems.

The following day, Friday, I woke up to snuggles from my lovely Leigh Rose as she left for work in the morning and then later to a Hil-bear snuggling me to tell me Konstantin and Cynthia were coming over for breakfast. Mmm breakfast bear style.

For those of you who have never had a bear breakfast, you're seriously missing out. Two bears. One kitchen. Epic meal for (insert number here) people of scrambled eggs, bacon, pancakes, and sometimes cinnamon buns (if you're extra lucky). Add some coffee and OJ and good company/conversation. These breakfasts are some of my all time favorite memories.

Anywho, seeing K and Cynthia was fantastic - I miss those two lovely people so, so much!! Post meal they headed on their way to Key West for Fantasy Fest and Hillary and I packed up and set out to get some work done on the UM campus.

NOSTALGGGGIIIIIAAAAA. So many days and nights spent sitting outside of Club Richter (our campus library) doing work, guzzling down coffee, and then running around and blowing off steam on the green. It was nice to be back on campus briefly. I refused to go explore all the changes that have been made because I'm not ready to accept the fact that our beloved Rat has been torn down and there are new rules and regulations all over campus. I like my denial bubble. It's nice and cozy in nyah.

After getting a few hours of work done, I was scooped up by Leigh and a bunch of her work friends and we headed to Monty's in Coconut Grove for happy hour drinks and raw bar noms. Stone crab season = things I miss about Miami. If you ever get a chance to go to Monty's, order this delicious drink called the Mongolian Motherf*cker. It's not on the menu but it's so yummy!! Beautiful views of the harbor and all the boats out on the water, decent music, cheap drinks and seafood specials. Love me some Monty's.

After happy hour we headed back home and met up with Laura and Harrison (who I affectionately call mom and dad) and had some beers. I got to meet their new puppy, Mr. Henry!! He is the cutest little puppy ever. Oh my lord, so fluffy. Watching Henry play with T.S. Elliot (one of the Weiss-Rose kittens) was the most adorable things I have ever seen!!

In case I hadn't done enough so far on my first full day back in Miami, after seeing mom and dad, Leigh and I headed out for a night of serious debauchery at the Electric Pickle to catch Art Department. It was SO NECESSARY to be able to party with the whole crew again - Zinn, Stacy, Jose, Luke, Tony, Vivian, Garrido, Frenchy, and Manny. Felt just like old times (including my ridiculous episode of getting frazzled and lost in Coral Gables. Oops).

Post recovery on Saturday, Hillary, Leigh and I were supposed to go for an epic Tomato Battle in Homestead, but the battle got cancelled (boooooo) so instead we went to browse through Party City for last minute costume ideas/necessities. We had a very nice family dinner thanks to the culinary genius of Madame Leigh and then got ready for the first of our Halloween celebrations.

I decided to go to as Nikki Minaj for Halloween Pt. 1 - using a hot pink wig and an awesome pink and purple tie dye onesie that I share with my Sassy Sasa. Leigh decided to go as my hype girl. If you don't know what that is, click this link now and prepare to be blown away. The 'hype girl' is the little blonde girl that dances and is the best support system EVERRR. Leigh was the most fantastic hype girl one could have ever imagined. She looked too adorable for words and literally spent the entire night running around and getting everyone hyped up.

Once we were all ready (Hillary went as 'floral' dressing herself in all the floral stuff we could find in the apartment - which is a LOT of floral stuff) we hopped in the car and headed to Brickell to the beautiful apartment of Lana, Liz and Casey. Lovely building, fantastic location, and AMAZING views of the city. Party time! Kings, shots, dancing, and giggles galore. My good friends from UM who now live in New York were also down for the weekend so they came to party with us - Gil and Jeff. It was awesome to see them!

A couple of hours into the party we decided to take a wander around the Brickell area and see if there were any clubs worth checking out. We arrived at a few venues but they all had $10 covers for entry which we just did not feel like paying, so we decided to have our own dance party outside the club entrance. Yes. Yes we did. And it was AWESOME. I've never had so much fun in my whole life. Sweaty and tired, Hillary and I retreated home and passed out fairly quickly.

We awoke Sunday afternoon and decided to have a relaxing day. Browsed the internet, retrieved a Leigh Rose from the metro, and went to Hillary's boyfriend Monir's place to watch reruns of 30 rock and eat massive amounts of Halloween candy. After that we went home, had another delicious family dinner, and then Hillary and I got ready for Halloween shenanigans part 2 - Zinn's birthday bash at Treehouse Miami. Hillary went as a zombie/vampire hipster and I went as Betty Crocker (with a rather inappropriate twist that I don't feel like sharing on my blog).

RAGING TIME! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZINNY! Got home at around 6:30am and passed out briefly before gathering my belongings and heading back to Ft. Lauderdale airport to catch my flight back to the big apple.

I did everything in my power yesterday to have my flight get cancelled. You'd think that between a surprise blizzard in New York and a tropical storm brewing and flash floods in Miami that my flight would at least have been delayed by a few hours. But nope. Life doesn't work out the way you want it to. Le sigh.

ANYWAYS - the point being, I had a fantastic weekend and I'm so glad that I got to see all the people that mattered. Thanks for everything you guys! I miss you terribly already and I hope that you all take me up on that invitation to come stay with me ANYTIME here in the big apple.

Next time, we plan a much longer trip to the good old 305. It is, after all, my most favorite home.

And now, for some much needed sleeeeeeeep. Good night my lovelies! Stay tuned for more posts and life updates this week. If you’re looking for more giggles and trinkets of joy, feel free to check out my twitter @npamani or my tumblr, The Daily QuirCk. Also available through my Twitter feed –> my Instagram shots! If you know anything about me, it’s that I’m a pretty dedicated shutterbugbear.