MY NEW SERVICES ARE FINALLY HERE!!! I've only been talking about them for several months now... But they are done and they are live and they are ready for your viewing pleasure.

I did it!

I wish I had more to say about them, but my brain is pretty fried from getting it all together this week so I'm just gonna point you to the page (clicky here) so you can read all about them.

I WOULD like to take a minute to express some extreme gratitude for everyone who helped me reach this point....

To my mother, my father, my brother, (and my dog): Thank you for holding my hand and making sure I was eating real meals while powering through work. You guys have always been my biggest cheerleaders and I'm eternally grateful for such a loving and supportive family. Everything I am, everything I do ... it's because of you. You have shaped me into the person I am today and I love you guys so much. I hope that I'm half as good to you as you are to me.

To my Hungry mastermind group (Coach Jennie, Megan, Diana, Brandy, & Luz): Thank you for helping me hash out the nitty gritty details of my business, for your helping hands and fantastic feedback on all my drafts, for believing in me and pushing me to recognize my own worth, and for kicking my ass into meeting my deadlines. You ladies are smart, beautiful, powerful, kind, giving, and INSPIRATIONAL. I admire all of your work and find myself pushing harder and harder to keep up with your awesome-saucity.

To my lady friends in the Big Apple: Thank you for checking in on me and making sure I'm alive. Your help this month in the shape of painting walls, moving boxes, carrying bags, and just assisting in the transfer to my new apartment was the biggest blessing of my month. Additionally - your nightly text messages to make sure I was taking care of myself and not driving myself insane were greatly appreciated and definitely necessary. We all know I am my own worst enemy sometimes.

To my best friends, accountability buddies, and life partners... to Hillary and Corinna: Thank you for existing. Thank you for picking me to be a member of the animal council. Thank you for literally listening to me panic/scream, holding me when I cry, cheering me up, and sharing in all the giggles too. I really don't think I would have survived this month without you guys by my side. You're help with my move, my work, and essentially my life went above and beyond the expected duties of any friendship and I don't know how I'll ever be able to properly express my gratitude... but let's consider this a start.

And a thank you to all of you - my readers, fans, followers, & friends. Your support over the years has kept me going and it's still weirds me out that you guys keep coming back for more. So much love to you!!

So here I stand, guys. Teary eyed and exhausted, but so god damn proud of myself for making it here. Feel free to check out my new and improved services (I did after all pour a whole month's of blood, sweat, and tears into it)! I've got a BIG LAUNCH SUPER SALE for the next few months - 20% off my big packages - and I'm happy to create a custom package/retainer program to meet your needs. Just shoot me an email with any questions you might have.

Victory dancing all day long, xx Nikbear