No pain, no gain

Yesterday I did something very exciting... I got my second tattoo!! I got a black stencil lily on my inner left ankle and it hurt LIKE HELL, but it was totally worth it. It looks fantastic and i couldn't be happier with my decision. Big shout out to Steve at Ocho Placas Tattoo in Miami for doing an amazing job.

I highly recommend this place - it's very clean and safe, and the artists who work there are great guys and do fantastic work.

Before I post pictures of my new tattoo, I want to take a trip down memory lane and recall my first tattoo. My ink-virginity was taken at an awesome little place down in the suburbs of Buenos Aires, Argentina called Jack Tattoo & Piercing by a big, burly man called Marcos (big and burly, but such a sweetheart).

Let's backtrack a little ... I did a study abroad in Buenos Aires as a lot of you know and took a lot of weekend trips around Argentina. One of my favorite trips was a trip to a city called Rosario with my main men, Darren and Juan (affectionately called Chino and Pepe). We decided on a whim to go to Rosario so we met up at the bus station after a night of partying (none of us had slept) and took a 4 hour ride from Buenos Aires to Rosario. We found the most amazing hostel - Che Pampas (if you are ever in Rosario, you MUST stay here. Nikbear approved FOR SURE) - and stayed there for 2 nights (? idk maybe it was just one or maybe it was three... it was a while ago). On our last night at the hostel we made dinner and started a night of heavy fernet and cerveza drinking with these two girls we had met from Canada and had spent the day sight seeing with. At some point in the night a group of slightly older guys checked into the hostel and decided to get rowdy with us. I really hit it off with one of them - Fede (who I affectionately called Fedex because he calls me Nike) - and we spent a lot of time talking and chilling and chain smoking together. In the course of our discussions he mentioned to me that he owned a tattoo parlor on the outskirts of Buenos Aires. I immediately started drunk rambling about how I'd always wanted a tattoo of an ohm symbol (he had no idea what that was so I drew it out for him) but I was terrified of needles and didn't have a lot of money etc etc. Fedex was all like "PSHAW! Come to my place when you're back in BsAs and I'll give you a really good price" (which he did - I got my first tattoo for under 20 US Dollars, including tip). He then proceeded to drive the drunken messes formerly known as Chino, Pepe and Nike to the bus station so we could return to BsAs just in time for our classes. Fedex - mil gracias por todo! Te extrano un monton!

Anyways, a little while later I called Fedex and made an appointment to go in and get my tattoo on a Saturday morning. Little did I know that the night before my scheduled appointment I would be at a Deadmau5 and Desyn Masiello show in Buenos Aires and would stay up the whole night partying, then hop on a train and go 1 hour outside of the city to get my first tattoo (I was a bit of a wild child while I was abroad). My awesome friends Emily and Natalie accompanied me and held my hand for the pain that I thought I would experience, but never really did. Back of the neck tattoo? Felt like a great massage. Anyways, Marcos did a superb job and the guys at Jack Tattoo are awesome! If you're ever in Buenos Aires and feel the need to get a tattoo, definitely check this place out. They don't have a website, but shoot me a message/comment and I will point you in the right direction.

Here are some pictures from my first tattoo:

Needless to say, my first experience getting inked up left me feeling great about my decision and had me planning my next tattoo almost immediately. I had some ideas, but nothing that made me say YES THIS IS IT.... until about last week. I decided that I wanted to get a black stencil-looking image of a lily on my inner left ankle. Why lilies? Because they are my favorite flower! So I made a few phone calls to places here in Miami and got some quotes and finally decided on Ocho Placas. Went in last night and got the tattoo and made a new friend too! Thank you so much Steve!! Check out the new one:

About halfway through - you can tell that it's right on the bone and hurt SO MUCH.
The finished product!! I'm in love with this!!

And that's all for now folks! Let me know what you think!

xx Bear