One in a million

Image courtesy of MalNino

Lately I've been toying with the idea of moving out of Manhattan. I've been thinking about moving to the West Coast (Los Angeles or San Fran) or just leaving the country all together.

Life in NYC is expensive. Rent is expensive. Food is expensive. Public transportation is expensive. Having a social life is expensive. Going to a thrift store, ironically, is expensive. Working out is expensive.

This city can also get a bit lonely. When you're one of 1.6 million people on an island that is only 23 square miles, you often wonder how it's possible to EVER feel lonely.

But the truth is, every place can get a bit lonely sometimes.

I'm not a quitter. I refuse to give up on my dream and destiny of being in New York.

Tonight I went on a mini adventure to get myself out of my apartment and to run a quick errand. What should have been a really simple trip to Whole Foods, landed up taking me nearly two and a half hours. It also reminded me why I'm so in love with this city.

I took the M72 bus across town and then walked down to Columbus Circle in search of the Whole Foods closest to my apartment. After walking around in circles for nearly 45 minutes and not being able to find the damn thing (a true New Yorker never asks for directions) I finally discovered that it was UNDERNEATH  the Time Warner Center. [Side bar --> poor planning, Whole Foods. Put a freaking sign somewhere.]

Despite the not-so-conspicuous entrance, the store was BUZZING. It was like a freaking zoo in there. I was completely frazzled and landed up buying a whole bunch of things I don't really need and not finding the things I had gone in for. Typical. Anyways, after my little excursion I walked back up to 72nd Street on Central Park West and waited for the crosstown bus to carry me home.

While waiting for my extremely late bus and making silly phone calls, I heard a loud screeching of tires and massive SMACK noise. I turned around and across the street saw a light blue bike flying through the air. A taxi cab driver had hit a biker.

Everyone at the bus stop ran across the street and started frantically dialing 9-1-1. People stopped what they were doing and rushed over to lend a helping hand and make sure the poor biker was alive and not too badly injured (which, thank goodness, he was OK).

Within 90 seconds of the accident, two cop cars, two ambulances and a fire truck had arrived at the scene. A round of applause for the NYPD, NYFD, St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital, and Lenox Hill Hospital!

The whole scene made me stop and think for a minute about how even though as New Yorkers we tend to stick to our own business and we are always on our phones or staring at our shoes on the subway, when push comes to shove we're one big family. Strangers helping strangers.

I truly love this city, and as long as I'm here, I'm going to do everything in my power to fight to stay here. Never before have I felt this immense sense of belonging. I am a part of this city, and I suspect that it needs me just as much as I need it.

Surrounded by flashing lights, xx Nikbear