Panini-Weiss Road Trip Version 2.0 (The Start)

Hello friends!! For those of you who do not know, my best Bear and I have plans to take over the world - and we are more than capable of doing so. We have joined forces and are in the planning stages of creating Panini-Weiss Enterprises, an umbrella company that will include several shops, many patented ideas and products, and hopefully an island formerly known as Ibiza (soon to be changed to Bear Island).

In 2009 Bear and I made an epic journey from Florida to New Jersey in my darling little car, the YAM-express. Two bears, two days, one car and 1,300 miles of open road. We had a great time and had many bear-ventures along the way including a stop at South of the Border, a curious encounter with Wasted Mike at a Ruby Tuesday's (with an indoor smoking section - ribs and stogs were meant to go hand in hand in case you didn't know), the hunt for Da Real Ting Cafe and other shenanigans.

I write to you right now from my Bear's home in Palm Beach Gardens where we will embark upon our journey soon (hopefully) and make our way to Brunswick, Georgia for a night's stay at the Hostel in the Forest. Hostel in the Forest just might be the best thing ever invented - its a hostel of tree houses. I'M SO EXCITED THAT I'M NOT ENTIRELY SURE HOW TO HANDLE MYSELF NOW. Stay tuned for more updates and pictures and tales of the shenanigans.


xxx Nikbear