Photo courtesy of @hcweiss
Photo courtesy of @hcweiss

When the going gets tough..... I tucker through it and then flee to the suburbs and the comfort of my parents' home. NO SHAME.

Seriously. I have zero shame about this. Oh, you think I should feel bad for working by butt off and then going home to people that always think I'm awesome (thanks Mom and Dad), a queen sized bed, puppy snuggles, a fully stocked bar, free laundry, and homemade delicious Indian food?

Cry me a river. I have earned it. And it's one of the best things in the world to live so close to home. Stop being jealous, man up, and go home to visit your parents to reap all these awesome benefits yourself.

To this day my mom still loves going to her parents' home and reaping the benefits. She also has zero shame about this. AND WHY SHOULD SHE HAVE ANY? Why should anybody? Nobody will ever love you or care for you more than your parents. FACT. Take advantage of this unconditional love. Often. It's great for the soul, and even better for your digestive system... AMIRITE?

Dreaming of curry and warm fluffy towels.....

xx Nikbear