Shots Shots Shots

In addition to being a little brown bear, a double major in international studies and journalism, a pro-social intern, a marketing intern and an all around awesome person (oh yea and modest), it might shock you to learn that I am ALSO a licensed bartender.

I took a bartender class in the summer of 2008 and it was fabulous. I had such an amazing time, met really funny people and learned a lot about how liquor is made and served. I would definitely recommend this experience to anyone who might be interested.

I learned how to make over 300 drinks, including some absolutely delicious shots that I have had the pleasure of sampling. So. In honor of Spring Break 2011 and my recent acceptance into the world of 21 year old drinkers, I present to you...

Nikbear's Top Ten Shots (not listed in order of preference because I really can't pick just one favorite)

1. Red Headed Sluts --> Jagermeister, peach schnapps & cranberry juice I usually hate Jagermeister so the fact that this is on my list and is the FIRST shot on my list is huge. I've never been a huge fan of the Jager, and ever since the Jagerbomb fiasco of last summer my taste for Jager has virtually disappeared. With the exception of red headed sluts. TASTE-Y.

2. Kamikazes --> Vodka, triple sec & sour mix In my opinion these are the easiest shots to make and you get the most bang for your buck. Every year my Dad's older brother has a New Year's Eve party and every year I inevitably get dragged behind the bar by all of my Dad's friends to make a round of 15 - 20 kamikaze shots. Oh drunken uncles and aunties. This one's for you... CHEERS!

3. Alabama Slammers --> Southern Comfort, gin, & amaretto SoCo? LOVE. Amaretto? LOVE. Gin? LOVE. Mix the three together and you get a nice little glass of all around deliciousness.

4. Woo Woos --> Vodka, peach schnapps & cranberry juice I was recruited to be the bartender for a family friend's baby shower and decided that these would be a cute addition to the drink menu given the theme of cooing and oohing and ahhing. To all the nice little ladies that I made drunk from Woo Woos and my deadly sangria, I apologize... I guess...

5. Melon Balls --> Vodka, Midori & pineapple juice These shots are like little tropical vacations in a shooter glass. I swear, every time I have one of these I feel like I'm right back on the beaches of the Dominican Republic.

6. Mind Erasers --> Vodka, Kahlua & tonic water You'd think that the name would be warning enough, but nope. These get me every time. They are so tasty and go down so easy that I can never keep track of how many I've had and after a few, the rest of these nights get fuzzy. Very fuzzy.

7. Surfers on Acid --> Malibu rum, Jagermeister & pineapple juice Aside from the kick ass name of these shots, this is probably the only other way that I can tolerate Jager. And I have to be REALLY in the mood for it. Delicious none the less and it gives you a reason to scream "THAT'S TOTALLY AWESOME BRAH" after each shot. Win!

8. Incredible Hulk --> Hypnotiq & Hennessey cognac Combine these two liquors in a shot glass and you get a concoction the color of the Incredible Hulk. Also delicious. But mostly just really cool.

9. Screaming Orgasm --> Vodka, Kahlua, Baileys & amaretto Ok. Seriously. Most appropriately named shot on my whole list. THESE. ARE. INSANELY. DELICIOUS. And now you know the easiest way to win me over.

10. Three Wise Men --> Jim Beam, Jack Daniels & Johnnie Walker When I learned about this shot in my class, I thought it was so hilarious that I had to try one as soon as possible. I finally did and the whiskey lover within me nearly died of sheer joy. ALSO, if you want to take it a step further, add Jose Cuervo tequila and it's called Three Wise Men Go To Mexico which just makes me giggle.

And there you have it folks. My top ten favorite shots. Please remember to drink responsibly!!