Sin City

  Hello friends and followers! So in case you didn't hear, last weekend I continued my birthday celebrations in Sin City. Yes, that's right, I made the trek out to Las Vegas for some fun with old and new west coast friends. We had a fantastic time and I thought I'd share some of my trip highlights with you all!

We departed Los Angeles Friday afternoon - loaded up Nat's car and hit the road, trying to beat out the traffic. Unfortunately... no such luck. Fortunately... the scenery was gorgeous and with the power of the iPhone we were supplied with MadLibs and comedy shows for the duration of our journey.

On the road to Sin City

We finally reached the Strip at around 8pm on Friday and checked into our two rooms at the MGM Grand. WHAT A GORGEOUS HOTEL. It was my first trip to Vegas as an adult and I was determined to do it right. None of that Motel 6 nonsense.

The MGM Grand had gorgeous ceilings, a dazzling lobby, and a giant fountain in the main elevator bank. Me, being the fail that I am, forgot to take any pictures of the hotel. Le sigh.

Anyways, we checked into the rooms and immediately headed out to explore the hotel. After wandering around for a little bit, the boys decided to hit the liquor store while my girl Anna and I decided to have a quick dinner and drink. Not only was I celebrating my birthday in Vegas, but we were also celebrating Anna's birthday coming up at the end of the month. What's the only thing better than one birthday babe? TWO BIRTHDAY BABES, OBVIOUSLY!

Birthday Babes (Photo by Anna)

Post dinner we got all dolled up and headed back downstairs to play some games, have some drinks, and check out the in-hotel club, TABU. I may or may not have sat down very briefly at a Blackjack table while slightly inebriated (hey, it's my birthday and it's Vegas... I'm allowed), but thankfully I only put down $20. Which I lost immediately. C'est la vie.

The next morning we awoke, more bright eyed and bushy tailed than we could have ever expected. After grabbing a morning coffee we headed over to The Grand Buffet for an epic brunch spread and bottomless mimosas. BOTTOM.LESS.MIMOSAS. You can be damn sure we made the most of that. Big love and thanks to Ambrosio, our wonderful waiter, who tolerated us and got us rather sloshed. I couldn't even ballpark how many bottles of champagne the 8 of us must have gone through.

Double Fisting Mimosas (Photo by Anna)

After we finally managed to tear ourselves away from brunch, it was off to the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino for some anthropological research. The AVN Conference was in town and Anna and I love to people watch. Giggles were had, games were played, drinks were guzzled. It was a good time all around and a nice little excursion from our hotel.

Saturday night Nat took me to go see Zumanity as my official birthday present. Zumanity, a Cirque du Soleil show at the New York New York hotel, combines burlesque with trapeze and aerial acts to bring you the sensual side of Cirque du Soleil. It was a great show filled with laughs, awe-inspiring acts, and feel good vibes all around. Thank you, Nat!

Zumanity Theater

 After the show, we retreated to the room to suit up for another night of shenanigans. After a few failed attempts at finding a club close by that would match our energy levels, we resorted to starting our own dance party around the bar at the New York, New York Hotel.

That's the beauty of going to Vegas in a big group, I guess. You don't need to find a party. The party is wherever the nine of you are.

Team Affirmative (Photo by Anna)

Sunday morning we woke up, gathered the troops, packed up the car and waved goodbye to Vegas.

Leaving Vegas by way of New York

I had a stellar time and made some amazing new friends. Big love and thanks to Team Affirmative for the best birthday weekend ever!! You guys are all rockstars and I am so happy to have met you all.

Still smiling from the weekend, xx Nikbear